3D Buildings


I’m positive it’s not going to happen


What are your reasons for believing this?


Your phone can’t handle it


Not entirely true. They can, as we can see in another high quality mobile flight simulator.

The problem is a different one:

Right now, imagery gets streamed to our devices. It’s not stored locally. It’s difficult to add 3D buildings to that. You’d have to place each and every building manually, which is a hell of an effort. You also need to figure out how to store them on the device. The buildings aren’t the problem. The problem is the technical effort which is required to adapt the buildings to the current version of how IF shows us topography and imagery.


Simple solution would be that when and only when you have touched down at an airport the buildings for that Airport are loaded to the device. When you are up in the air the current 2D outlines suffice. 😀


IF Community,

Would you not agree that the weather is much better than adding 3D Buildings? As 3D buildings don’t create a more knowledgeable pilot today. Remember that a good pilot is always learning, so a flight simulator is to help people like us to understand how to fly an aircraft in the correct way. I guess that having 3D buildings won’t hurt but remember its the flight experience that makes IF great.

I wonder if you agree?



This is a feature request for buildings, not weather. Lets not get into a conversation about weather when there is definitely a feature request out there for weather to be talked about.

airports in third dimension

Um Xplane 10 mobile?


Yah, but that’s in tiny little regions. Buildings in every place of the world would be impossible for any mobile device. The only way I could ever see this happening, is if maybe they despawn when you reach an exact altitude. ex: FL100


Or if they were airport buildings so it wouldnt have to be a town or city


Airport buildings arent a bad idea right it should be enough right


I highly doubt that the developers will ever include 3D buildings.

Infinite Flight is a MOBILE game, and having all these buildings around would have the game lag and crash, even if you were at high altitude, even on a powerful device

Even though those terribly bad flight simulators have 3D buildings…

The devs worked so hard to create ‘Global’ and we still have this discussion for 3D buildings buzzing around.

Then again it is a great idea, but it’s not good considering about half of the community uses a phone to play Infinite Flight 😑


Oh ye of little faith. We thought Global wouldn’t get pulled off. We shall wait and see what IF can do with our devices. New technologies are emerging every day. There is a data revolution occurring. The Internet of Things (IoT). The ability to digitize and leverage 3D objects in time and space.

I think this can be done. One just has to think outside the box!


I think it can be done, it’ll be a while until FDS can make a way for the buildings not to crash the game, back then during production in 2012 they said there was going to be buildings, sadly it was scrapped :(


Well they said that their goal was to create 3D buildings. 🙂


I agree, the 3D buildings would only matter on takeoff/climbout, then descent thru 10k’ and landing, perhaps they could fudge a few things via your flight plan maybe, then get the buildings to load at say 0 to xx mile radius from your origin airport and then XX miles to your Destination Airport while your enroute segment would be just the scenery how it is now. For GA stuff under say 10K’ altitude they could work something else. Where there’s a will there’s a way!


3D buildings would be a huge step and could challenge to the PC sims like xplane. Sadly you would need a very high emd device with a lot of RAM and ROM memory. However it could be a choice in the settings for the people with lower end devices. To be honest id prefer to have the actual airports than the city around it. And id want more stuff to come before that such as clouds, gear tilt, realistic engine sounds, controllable cockpit functions and more.


That’s a possibility in your statement, but the devs said that they wanted to eventually add 3D buildings in somewhat of the distant furture. Maybe trying to find a good way to add them, or could just be waiting to add in the rest of the 15m satellite imagery. Although they are just thoughts onto what is they reason for the halt. Although I don’t think that they would wait until most devices would have more higher end processors. To me that would take too long. But an option could be in place. ;)


Yeah I was thinking the same thing.


Dont think this will be possible as 3D buildings require a lot of gigabyte and memory. Most devices are not capable of doing this. High end PC might but again the game is for mobile devices not PC.