3D Buildings


Sorry to say but if you are looking at videos from a desktop simulator vs. what you have in your hands, you are wasting your time. I hope I don’t need to get into the technical details why.
If you are watching mobile X-Plane, the differences between both and why you are comparing apples to bananas have been explained mutlitple times in these forums.
X-Plane on mobile dosen’t have global, only regions, dosen’t have such detailed and as many planes, dosen’t have a reliable multiplayer platform.

Why not get a proper simulator like X-Plane or Prepar3D?


I have to agree with you in a further point. It would be nice if the devs would inform the community on a more regular base on what they are working on, why something is done and why not. The Instagram pictures are cool, as well as the flightcasts, I enjoy them a lot, but I think the community would appreciate it if they get more detailed information. I am actually quite interested in the process of developpment of this sim in technical terms and I’m convinced that I’m not the only one by far. It would also be more understandable for everyone why something may take longer than expected and people eventually would be able to sort their demands. Surprises like the recent A320 liveries are still very welcome of course :)


I feel like if they were to inform us of this, it would end up the same as when they told us global was going to be released. People would start arguing, being hectic, and always demanding answers from the devs.


And yeah sure, I get it, but I’m not comparing the specs or the processing power, I’m not even comparing the two simulators. I’m saying that I want to do what X-Plane pilots do, someday, but on Infinite Flight. See what they see, fly what they fly. Someday. It’s just a dream I have.

Maybe I should. Maybe it’s time to give up, cause honestly every time you guys point out a reason not to stay strong and loyal, I lose more and more faith. I’m trying here, but maybe like you said before:


Well, sorry but you are expecting all of these things on a mobile platform. You are expecting to see, on your phone, what most computers can’t handle without decent hardware.
What matters indeed are the specs and processing power. The dev. are working on limited hardware, on phones.

Buildings may one day come, but they surely will be static objects. Even devs. working on dynamic 3D objects for your desktop simulator have to take care not to take a big toll on performance, to give you the perfect balance between eye candy and stability.


One thing I absolutely agree with you is, devs should give more updates more often on what they are working on.


THANK YOU! That’s what I’m saying…But then again:

All MOST of us do is speculate, argue, whine and demand. So I don’t even know anymore.

(To anyone becomes angry at this comment, read carefully until I say “stop here”: ask yourself “Why am I angry at this?” don’t continue reading until you realized the answer… STOP HERE
Ok have you received your answer? Was it “I’m one of those people”? If so you’re absolutely positively correct.)


If the devs gave clear cut answers, so what if others complain and moan?

I would rather hear from the devs.


If you do intend on making a living out of flying, a local flight school would be your best option.

These are all still simulators, but I admit this is the first time I see someone telling me they wanted to teach themselves how to fly on a mobile flight simulator lacking absolutely everything a serious person would use.


Lol, that’s a bit embarrassing now that I really think about it, but being unable to join the workforce yet, as I’m under 18 what can I do? When I was introduced to the sim I was like definitely yes, it’s a cheaper alternative to X-Plane, and it’s on my phone, a win-win. But now, I think it’s time to advance. But anyways I think we should put a pin in this conversation, as we are getting off topic, and I don’t want a moderator ripping me a new one.


Well you can always use it, nothing against it.
Your best bet is always a flight school, local flying club etc.


Noted, I will remember what you told me in the long run :)


I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Guys, again this is a topic about the 3D buildings. Any other kind of discussions must be held via PM!!


This would be an awesome feature!!!



It would…

if Infinite Flight was for Mac/PC.


Closing on four hundred replies and still at square one…good physics lesson though…how well does an irresistible force do against an immovable object… oh well… carry on if you must !!!


3D buildings for airports is what people want. The reason being is because ever since global came out we’ve been able to visualise what could make this a great sim on iOS and android. Control towers, terminal buildings and jet bridges. It’s the only thing that comes to mind. When you say it’s impossible what’s the point in making this game a progress instead we should this idea. I’m gonna keep on supporting this feature no matter the challenges. It’s up to you all to vote.


Honestly could never see this happening


Why not?? Always be positive😉😁