3D Buildings


At least we heard from someone of credibility, thanks @Kilt_McHaggis. I guess we’ll have to wait.

But wait, why are you editing the 2D airports and how long will it take?


All the airports we inherited were from the X Plane 2D default folder. Since we began maybe 3 years ago we have redone around 2500 of them. Most of (if not all) the complex ones have been edited. Some of the remaining ones are simple air strips. There is probably about 2 years worth of 2D editing to do. We have already been updating all of the fixes and Nav aids. Plenty to keep us busy for now.


Wow I didn’t realize you had that much left. Thanks for the ones you have edited, and on to completing the air strips! :)


I can’t believe Infinite Flight has not yet added this. It would make the game really realistic and will drag a HUGE amount of people to purchase this game. This would add a lot more realism and fun to the game. I REALLY hope Infinite Flight will add this sooner or later. (Hopefully in the next few months)


Ok OK… So I hear that there is a problem with RAM (random access memory) and storage within devices to implement 3D buildings into Infinite Flight. As I do agree that we need 3D buildings, (by some users…) I also believe that RAM and storage are and would be big issues too. Some ways you could cut the problem in half or to my beliefs is by only adding 3D “objects” to airports ONLY, and/or only implementing 3D objects to MAJOR cities and/or airports. (I would most likely go with just airport objects and not cities unless further optimization of devices and/or editing software begin to take place. But what do you guys think? I know it wouldn’t completely dispose of the memory issues, but I think it could be a step in the right direction.

(Also sorry for using “and/or” too much. And sorry so used it again.)

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Sure, we’d all love to see 3D terminals and stuff, but think about it, most of not all of our devices would not be able to handle all of this. I mean, most complain about the unbelievably detailed CRJ-700 causing a lot of lag. Imagine a detailed airport with jetbridges, and airport lights. So yah, it’s something we can dream about, but good luck finding a device that is gonna be able to handle all this.


Uhm, how are they exactly supposed to stream dynamic objects? Global is only a flat, not moving Earth.
How are they supposed to stream moving jetways, tugs and other dynamic objects that depends on random users from all over the world? It is not enough to say “I know they can do it!”. These are meaningless words of encouragement to devs. already working on limited hardware, and no beautifuly written letters can change that.

People are also already complaining about FPS and such on a flat and featureless world.

All I can see from this feature request are some flat buildings and nothing dynamic.


I have other priorities

Not sure what you’re trying to say here


Well if you’re on the thread then that most likely means you “want” this correct? And with all due respect, I didn’t say it was a priority, but rather what we wanted. However, you have a point, I can’t speak for everyone, so what MOST of us want.

And the “usually empty” side comment was just simply a statement about how major airports like KATL, KMIA, freaking OMDB or sometimes even KJFK is a ghost town, it’s so weird. Sigh


Wow, the negativity. :(
No optimism at all in that statement. But I guess you’re right. But the tugs and the 3D (not flat) buildings (with stationary jetways I guess :( sigh) I’m still going to have hopes for I’m not budging on those ones, especially because Laura made a post about that a while back, but it just wasn’t released. A pushback tug connected to a 787 with the IF livery on it. That’s what I remember. Anyways, it’s not gonna be there forever, it should spawn from under the terminal (where we cannot see) come out, automatically push us back, when we request it, disconnect, and go back to where it came from and despawn again (once again where we cannot see it). And if we’re going to get “flat” buildings, then we might as well stay with the outlines…


Are you a graphics developer? Are you aware of the repercussions of 3D rendering? Or are you just enforcing opinions based on assumptions?

Countless games on the AppStore have large and complex 3D environments and they run smoothly. It’s just a matter of FDS trying to figure out a way to render these 3D objects in a way which doesn’t cause lag. FDS has stated numerous times before that the foundation code they wrote during the early times of IF is limiting them as to how much progress they can make and what they can work on for future updates, which is why a significant amount of time is being spent on rewriting and optimizing code to accommodate for future updates.

FDS can bring high quality 3D airport environments. They will do it, probably not in the immediate future, but they will do it. It’s just a matter of time. They’re bound to if they want to continue to attract new customers, just like they were bound to add a fast turboprop aka the TBM930 to appeal to a new set of aviators.


I was replying to FustflyM15’s suggestions that these moving objetcs could be streamed.
How are FDS supposed to stream 3D, moving, dynamic objetcs that are supposed to move with each particular users?
I would guess that streaming a flat and featureless world would be easier than a jetway or a pushback truck dependent on your own movements.

I was talking about streaming them from a remote location. Not having these features independent from an internet connexion.


Well currently the airports are already streamed to each user based on their geographical position on the world map FDS has implemented, so 3D structures like terminals are just another ‘layer’ of rendered objects which require additional ram and cpu/gpu power.

Dynamic 3D objects rendering from my understanding is extremely complicated because they require complex algorithms and are fps intensive, which is why FDS is holding back on airport lighting systems.


And that’s exactly what I was saying.
That’s why I said “All I can see from this feature request are some flat buildings and nothing dynamic.” in my reply to that other guy. Of course I should have said 3D buildings, but the point remains, nothing dynamic.


xD that’s WEIRD. I’m so used to IF without 3D buildings that it looks terrible.


We don’t need anything special, hell, I’d be happy with trees.


Man, IF staff should just respond to you! That comment is so detailed. Covers all my opinions. Great job!


I allow myself to respond to you as a normal IF customer if you dont’t mind.
First of all, hats off to this statement, and I agree with you that terminal buildings would bring realism to a new level.
However, although 3D buildings haven’t received much response of the developpers since 2016 as you’ve said, I think we have to remember how long the project “global” has been going on and isn’t completed until today. It has taken years, and as we know the devs are in an ongoing optimization proces to reduce the data consumption to an absolute minimum plus expanding the HD terrain coverage.
Another point is the fleet. Whilst we have newer planes of top quality, others are simply outdated and for me, receiving aircraft reworks is prio #1 as of now.
FDS has given us a lot with this sim and will continue to do so in the future, but considering the fact that this team is relatively small for that what they deliver I think we have to evaluate what is possible and what is not.
Implementing 3D environment would be a project with huge dimensions, and I’m sure that the devs have this on the radar. And I am convinced that FDS would find a way to implement it, as you’ve mentioned and also in regard to the addition of the global map. But as of now I think it makes sense to finish projects properly which have been started before (aircraft rework, global completion) and optimizing them as much as possible before beginnig with a new one. I think this has nothing to do with ignorance of the community requests, but more with increasing demands of the community which are understandable, but simply are going over the current production capabilities.


Makes sense. I can understand if the devs are small and all of that. But ultimately, I just want confirmation that the devs have this on the radar. I want to know if I can look forward to it or if I’m just wasting my time and patience making long essays on a FORUM. I’ve already heard from a 3rd party developer so that’s a start. I’m mostly just tired of looking at X-Plane videos and then looking at Infinite Flight videos and I’m just like…wow. But at the same time, it is a mobile simulator, which is why I’m not internally losing my head, but still I’d like to pull up to a gate, look around, all of that Not be confused to what terminal I’m parking at or some sorts (I could always use a diagram, yes, but it’s also a bit hard to follow diagrams without taxiway names), or I’d like to taxi over taxiway bridges, places like JFK have at least 4 taxiway bridges, and I only see a taxiway. Anyway, things like that my eyes are thirsty for. But anyway the point is; I understand if there are difficulties, but I want to hear it from staff. I want them to tell me, yes, no, or maybe. Many people have other priorities but this is mine. Not even. The implementation of this is not even my priority, but the relief on my brain to know that it’s coming, I don’t need a date, but I just want the anticipation to go away.


Even if they did implement it, it would probably only be at the big airports, and maybe in the future to slowly get them to all of the controlled airports