3D Buildings


That is very true. But we want to ADVANCE. People before Global could have said that they wanted better aircraft or 3D buildings in Regions instead. But we got global. So I believe we should have this coming.
If you have any more concerns, please don’t hesitate to PM me.


Um who would pick 3D buildings over global? That’s the most crazy thing ever in my opinion. It was the right step for IF as that will ultimately bring in he customers. 3D buildings are not what slightly sims are all about but doing realistic flights surely is?


I am not part of IF therefore I do not know what the short term or long term vision is. I believe that one day we will have 3D buildings. I perceive that this will not be any time soon. As I mentioned before I suspect that 3D buildings will rely on volunteers and that not until we have the basics completed. This will most likely not happen any time soon. Keep expressing your opinions and applying votes where you desire. We get what we get - alternatively we will find other forms of entertainment. At this moment in time I have to express admiration for everything IF has done to date.



I never said that. I am giving an example of what other could have said of global. This is what people are saying about 3D buildings.


How can you say that it will take a lot before adding 3D terminals when normally fsx, p3d and X-plane works with a pc that contains at least 2GB of RAM. You are saying that 2GB RAM can not be owned by many people who play IFHow can you say that it will take a lot before adding 3D terminals when normally fsx, p3d and X-plane works with a pc that contains at least 2GB of RAM. You are saying that 2GB of RAM can not be owned by many people playing IF. Normally a SAMSUNG GALAXY J7 can contain terminals in 3d easily thanks to its processor and its software which rather powerful for a smartphone


Okay, you evidently don’t have a clue what you are talking about, so I want you to listen for a minute.

RAM (random access memory) does not hint towards performance. DDR3 RAM and LPDDR2 RAM are completely different. In comparison, if you put 8gb of mobile ram into a PC, it would have the quality of about 2GB.

You are comparing PC games to a MOBILE SIMULATOR. The team suggest having at least 1GB of RAM free on your device (My studies have shown IF can work on less than 500MB), and I’m going to also point out to you, many people playing IF cannot run at the highest graphics settings. This is before we even consider adding buildings to the game. 2GB of PC RAM is very, very different than 2GB of mobile RAM. To add to this, P3D, XP11 and FSX will not run at the highest graphics on the devices you suggest.

Sure X-Plane mobile edition has buildings, as many of you have been so kind to point out, but XP doesn’t have as expansive of a multiplayer experience, there are less aircraft with worse rendering than everything in IF, plus there are next to no updates or additional content, with what limited content costing a fortune. Plus, the scenery is considerably worse too.

Also, contrary to your beliefs, the j7 (including the 2017 model) is not very powerful at all. It is a mid range handset that I know for a fact will not run IF at continually high settings. It’s processor is mid range, Samsung’s version of android is laggy and the GPU isn’t powerful either.

Furthermore, you evidently don’t understand Open GL3.1 or how a GPU works. You need to stop thinking you are consistently right about this feature; you’re not!
Do some research, perhaps give me some Basemark or GIPS figures that we would require to run this kind of graphic and perhaps I’ll stop getting so TRIGGERED by every single post in this thread.

Sorry to anyone else who is posting useful content, I do enjoy reading that, promise.


Ok, we haven’t learned from this topic’s temporary closing. Calmly discuss the topic, don’t name call each other. I can sum it up in three words:


Yes, agreed. Buildings. Towers. Any 3D objects would definitely increase realism.


If this is somehow possible please add it!


My opinion
Anything is possible, but it is unlikely at the moment. Something like this will take months if not years. But, nobody believed in global, but we got it. Who knows, in 2 years, we might have 3D buildings. I would vote, but this is something that the devs know the community want, and they’ll add it if it’s possible.


Just imagine taxing to your gate and you see this…
Credits to Travelcodex.com

What I think

I honestly think that FDS should just add airport buildings and call it a day. Forget the other buildings, you’re going to be above them anyway so it’ll look the same. If anything, there should have a radius of buildings around the airport and that’s it. But for the most part only airport buildings. But seriously, think about it, you’re basically always landing on a flat surface with a few yellow lines, dark and light grey outlines and a few runways. This was supposed to be an airport? Oh, my apologies… ENOUGH with just the lines, ENOUGH with the outlines, _ ENOUGH of the little “dots” that are resembling lights, and ENOUGH_ with the boring.

What all of us want

Right after you land you’ll probably be thinking in your head WOOHOO! I just successfully landed at JFK! Yeah sure you did, but when you look around, it seems like you just landed at a parking lot with long roads that have absurdly dim lights on it.

I feel that these majestic, huge, and usually empty (thank you IFC -_-) airports need more meaning to them. I want a reason to come to these airports (usually there is a reason, but sometimes I want to see the gates and other things). Sometimes when I do an Emirates A380 flight to Dubai or other long haul flights I’m somewhat disappointed. A 12+ hour flight from one flat surface, to another flat surface. Sigh… I want to be able to utilize the free camera to explore and ACTUALLY see something. People always talk about Lukla Airport, I want to be able to say something like “I’ve never been to this airport before, I want to see what it looks like.” Especially because I ACTUALLY DO want to see what it looks like, and don’t tell me to “go do a web search” because I would like the accomplishment of landing there and then looking around like a curious toddler. Think about it: OPERATIONAL Jetways, Buildings, Pushback Tugs, SafeDock Systems, Hangars, Cargo Gates, LIGHTS, just imagine at night from a distance you see a big disruption in the middle of all the darkness. Not only that but it makes the airport more visible, because last I checked I can barely see the runway, (without the map) let alone the airport itself and don’t forget about the calm feeling the airport gives (at least to me) in the morning (airports are really beautiful and soothing in the morning to me) Realism would be through the roof! And I don’t know about you, but I kinda like it when airports intimidate me. And no we don’t need building interiors (except for the hangars). Anyways, I want to be the nerd that’s smiling ear to ear, running to my family (not caring whether they care or not) and say “look guys I’m at gate C10 at Raleigh-Durham Airport, just like the flight I was on last month in real life🤓”

Tower and Control Rooms

FDS I think we can both agree on the fact that it’s not fair that we get a whole plane and cockpit (whether it needs reworking or not) and ATC doesn’t even get a tower let alone a control room. And as for Laura, Phillipe, Mark, and others, I’m going to take a wild guess that when you guys aren’t developing, you’re controlling as IFATC or flying. If you are a controller, I know you want to admire what you’ve done, and just look at the sights. Think about it FDS, looking from your CONTROL ROOM looking at all the nice shiny buildings, and then all the little ant planes, not only that but they have to listen to you, oh yeah that’s the life, you’re now on top of the world. Do you know how weird it feels to just be floating in midair (maybe not the camera setting “ATC High” but the regular setting)? I think the towers of airports are the icing on the cake, but for god sakes do not add a tower before the main airport just as you wouldn’t put the icing on the tray first and then begin baking the cake. Plus I want to see the different towers at each airport. When I first joined IF I was absolutely shocked that there were no buildings. And then I looked for a tower! No tower… I was devastated. I can’t even say “I SEE YOU, YOU SEE ME, WE SEE EACH OTHER!!”

Miscellaneous Objects
Now, 3D buildings must come with 3D structures yes? ALS lighting system that has (that still has yet to be implemented) instead of just dots, but the little poles leading to the runway. And the tall terminal lamps that are lit at night that surround terminals, don’t forget those. Don’t forget about taxiway/runway name signs (which are needed more than ever because I don’t know about you, but I’m personally tired of making wrong turns).

As For The Doubters

And to reduce possible lagging (even though I think our phones can handle it), the airports can render from a certain distance, like the rest of Global. STREAMING! Plus, we doubted Global, now look at me flying to Singapore from New York. Oh ok just making sure, so do us all a favor and stop doubting things because I’m pretty sure FDS proved you wrong countless times. Only positive vibes here, please. And if you’re worried about storage, what in the world did you expect? IT’S A WHOLE FLIGHT SIMULATOR FOR THE LOVE OF CHRIST! You KNEW what you signed up for.

Now Lets Make This Clear

I am not being ungrateful in any way! I haven’t even been disloyal to Infinite Flight in any way. I haven’t even mentioned other flight simulators to compare. But trust me, I miss my $80.

Let Us Make Our Voices Heard

In the back of my head, I feel like I’m just another user babbling about 3D buildings and my voice won’t be heard, but hey, at least I deposited my 2 cents. But let us try to make a dollar! Let’s make our voices heard! FDS can you at least confirm that you heard our voices? I’d like to know if all of this is pointless, or if you’re considering this. I’d like to hear some input from a staff member or at least a moderator. Someone of credibility. A third party developer would be nice too.

A Final Point

I think they should do this because it would make IF more appealing to the eye. Plus, just imagine the screenshots you could/should/would do! Cmon FDS! You can do this! Please do this! For yourselves! For us! Please don’t leave 223+ of your consumers hanging. At least tell us something. I’m tired of removing votes from GOOD feature requests like this one because I think I’m wasting a vote on a request that I feel is not getting any attention. I.E.: A request that hasn’t seen any acknowledgment from staff or hasn’t been implemented in IF since 2016!!! Let’s not make this another one of those, please


Let’s get it done! It could happen! It will happen!


Wow what a detailed comment, good job there!


Thanks! Its a habit.


This just about covers everyone’s opinion, including mine. Yeah I don’t need houses, but I’d love to see the beauty of the airport.


That’s great but your storage will beg for mercy…


I asked mark Denton about this and he said it would be cool but not a priority


So, why do we vote for features exactly?


Yes buildings would be nice, however, they do not come free. Take X Plane. You can buy airports already rendered. In Infinite Flight as I mentioned before we have a group of volunteers who edit the airports. We are approx 10% through editing just the 2D airports. When will we have time to create the 3D models (this assumes that 3D modeling tool has already been made available to the editing team - which it has not). Keep on voting for this, however, from my understanding it will not be coming any time soon!


Yeah exactly FDS has a nice pricing system for now. Not that I’m saying it could come in the future