3D Buildings


I think the city lights feature request is more effective and realistic for the time being.

I dont want 3d buildings even though it’ll be cool, it would require lot of device storage


People already complain from lag when too many aircrafts are at these airports, I doubt adding 3D buildings to already crowded airports will help.

Also, ask editors of FSX, P3D and X-Plane? I’m about to facepalm really hard.


another empty promise made by IF ahhaha


I guess only the airport structures could be added. tower, terminals, hangar, fences around the airport perimeter, etc. not the buildings around the city. that shouldnt effect the performance by much.


No promise made by IF has ever been empty. It’ll come eventually, whether it’s two months or two years from now, heck, even twenty years. Current tech does not allow for it on most devices. This is a luxury I would love, it just takes time…


I think only air terminals, fences, control towers and hangars would take up less space if they had to load before appearing like on fsx


And in addition we could choose different quality of graphics depending on the mobile we use


I think it is more than possible, 3 year old simulators had it in the past with very old phones. They don’t have to be solid buildings. Also I think the points about RAM are very valid. I am currently running on an iPhone 6, and sometimes I lag a little, but I can only imagine the next gen Phones are running smoother than butter.


I don’t recall FDS promising 3D buildings anytime soon.

The world map is being streamed to our devices and they’re not stored, it’s already taking up enough processing power as it is never mind adding 3d textures like buildings in very dense areas like cities and towns. We are currently storing some scenery in the temporary memory of our device to limit the streaming between server and phone trust me you dont want buildings yet.

The world map was possible but at what expense? A lot of devices are now not compatible with the latest update because they couldn’t handle it/ ddnt support openGL

No… no… and no.

A software company asking for help on a product they’re directly competing with is a big NONO.

The more you talk about things like this the more complicated you make it.

No… you’re choosing the already heavy populated areas. I can’t tell if you’re being serious or just trolling this thread .


But why not make aircraft-sized terminals in this game


I mean landing smoke was a thing “coming soon” and its been like 2 years AHAHHA yall dont get to salty


You sir, seem slightly salty.

But I digress, and so do you.

With respect to lower end devices, I think that this should be a tool that can be turned on and off. Perhaps automatically when entering low power mode too?


Seriously who want terminals, hangars and control towers in IF


Who wants grade 1’s crashing intentionally into the airports and hangars to troll. Or pissing off the controller in the tower. If there is an actual control tower and the tower view is in that actual tower, people are going to see where the tower is, and piss of the controller on TS1 with barrel rolls and manuevers…


We all know that the a350 will come in 2018


I’m just asking 3d airports for maybe the end of 2018 and 2019


If it is not possible to have 3d terminals why at the moment we have the map of the world and in addition the map is not even stored on our mobile. So for 3d terminals we can use the same principle that was used for the global.


I think that airport buildings would be a great addition, but also landmarks, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Chrysler Building, the Burj Khalifa, and other famous sites.


I like that kind of person who believe in 3d terminals


I believe a lot in this game and I know he has a lot of potential for a mobile game