3D Buildings

if i knew which version of if this is i would be able to get pictures

Maybe they should allow community members to help with the development of this… 👀

Not a bad suggestion, however I believe - don’t take my word for it - that they would work in coordination with the Airport Editing Team. They have more experience in this field than us, but it’s not a bad idea. Maybe they’ll allow us to help with other features.

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Sounds like the community rly wants 3D buildings would they say it is a must have not sure some may some might. It may come down to that later when it IF has to stay with the pack of Mobile Sims. The bottom line is that if they are going to try do the entire world and that could take years to make. If we could request them to take there time and do the larger airports first all arround and have a staggered start. This would help us have a point to the other sims like “Ya you may have 3D airports and vehicles but do you have this detailed planes and airports which there working on.” It would keep the golden standard for IF as the best Mobile Sim on any platform!!!

Yes, They need to have a staggered start. They can’t do everything all in once. For example they can start with the small int’l and reg’l airports and see if it would work with all devices

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We don’t need 3D buildings. The last thing people need is a reason to buy a new device every 2 months because their current device can’t handle the game after only one update. 👎


straight facts right there

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This is not true. The game has already capable of having buildings and the devs have already slipped aside some space for this because they are aware of this. This will not make you buy a new device every 2 months that would be ridiculous.

from what I have heard

Well, for that they would at least need to finish the project metal, and then, as Philippe said in the development timeline and then casually showed it his experiments on twitter (btw that looks super dope) it seems they won’t arrive soon, and that’s not even talking how will the data for them will be sorced. I mean, if even microsoft has their ups and downs, how will a company with a few developers will do it. I want them just like you do, but for now I think there are too much performance constrains (because they can’t just make the sim so resource extensive it would require the flagship phones to run) and no way to get the data without very costly AI driven analysis and generation and stuff.


Honestly if 3D buildings were a thing in if, it would be the best mobile flight simulator without contest. But I do understand that this is a really big task to tackle. I just hope that it will happen within the next couple years.


That’s a one dimensional view on things. Fact is: other sims are capable of integrating buildings in a sim (also using a global scenary). So it is possible serving this feature to a wider range of users otherwise they won’t do it. And in addition to that: you are also able, as a software provider to add level of detail. (which already exists). So it’s your choice as a User to activate or deactivate them. Dependent on your hardware settings. So in conclusion: Why to keep the standard low for everyone? Why not thinking about cutting the edge with newest graphic settings even if they are not available to everyone? Just my opinion.

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Bump because who doesn’t want project metal?!


Since everyone talking about 3D buildings, let me bring old archive Infinite Flight about 7 years ago and see what they say in their very old post.

I spent a lot of time scrolling down in their Facebook photos you know…

Full HD Image (You can download if you want 😉)


Still waiting for this 🥲

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It’s been confirmed. Infinite Flight 2020 Recap! - YouTube

3D buildings are coming to Infinite Flight when it’s ready.


Never thought I’d see the day! Can’t believe this will be closed!


Omg. Wow. No words. Amazing !

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Half of the low-end hardware once they come out


I’ve always wanted to say this…buildings are a WIP!

We know there are lots of questions, so the our team are making sure we take note of the most common questions and will provide an FAQ at a later time. For now, don’t forget to enjoy the video; it’s exciting!