3D Buildings

To be honest, even if these are just gray squares (like the terminal cutouts are now) but 3D I would be happy. This is a mobile flight sim after all.


I mean it would be awesome but i’m pretty sure less people will play it due to the lag and ram their phones can handle.

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To create 3D images like Google does would require going to each airport and taking 3D imagery to create the skins used on each building face. It would be easier to create wire frame approximates of the buildings using the 2D markings we already have on the aprons and select the nearest texture for each building frontage from a select library set. At least the imagery would not be fuzzy and would have a detailed shape. Knowing how long it has taken us just to get 2,300 airports edited (2 years so far and we have like 15,000 smaller ones to do)!


Not a bad idea

Rip my ipad tho haha


Imagine being able to see these buildings in IF with interiors! Not speculating anything about these!


I just found a topic back from 2016. It’s about a Flight Simulator of Laura, before Infinite Flight was developed. It was called „Infinite Runways“. And look at that:

3D buildings were available back then!

However, even though I like the idea of implementing 3D buildings in todays global Infinite Flight, I think there is some more important stuff that has been implemented first.


This is really hard to do in a mobile platform. I guess if it loads just the scenery does now it may work. Lets start with 3D airports first.

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Didn’t mean to reply to you

Yeah I do remember an old insta post back a few years ago when 3D buildings were in bets and were supposed to be in IF but didn’t for a reason I don’t know of. It’s a shame that they didn’t add them back then but I’m sure that they will add them sometime in the future because Laura was hinting or preferring about 3D buildings in a LiveFlight Podcast when they asked her what would be added next. But this was a little before global’s release. :)

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If this were to happen I think just make the game avalivble on PC/Mac version. Similar to how x plane 11 is created. Then we wouldnt have to worry about storage or the sim running properly.

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As discussed ad nauseum, the backbone of IF is a “mobile flight simulator”, which bringing it to pc and Mac defeats the purpose. If you search on the forum you will find a plethora of threads pertaining to this subject.

Yes!! One of things I almost wanted just as much as Global was 3D buildings. The realism would be outstanding if this feature was to be added.


This is a great idea and i would vote, but i have no more votes.

I saw an image that I believe Laura had released a few years ago where they were testing scenery in New York. This of course was far before global was even though of or even Live so I know it was thought of. The capability of implementing it in Live with all other features on a mobile device probably didn’t work out. Not to mention you’d have to look for the whole world. Now that satellite imagery is streamed online on a server, maybe it’s something that can be done in the future.

We should wait till 5G becomes available when talking about 3d buildings. A few years away yes but it will be better to wait for top quality things that will be easier to do.

5G is definitely not necessary for it.
You are greatly over estimating the bandwidth required. I mean, 3G has a theoretical max speed of 42mbit/s… 4G don’t really have a theoretical max speed. But you can achieve several gbit/s with the correct configuration.

5G won’t really improve anything for consumers, but is more of a thing for IoT and other several device-to-device communications in need of really low response times.


Maby it would stop all the idiots from taxying through the terminal aeria


Trust me… Nothing is stopping anyone… The only way is to mimique when you hit the terminal area instead of going through it, you crash


Thats what I was saying

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I mean to be honest I don’t really see the needs for every 3d building out there. I notice the scenery in certain places keeps improving and I can notice individual things more like Highways in NJ, lakes in Colorado are more precise. It is super impressive and even the low layer clouds and their shadows are far more defined than when Global came out. The only 3d building i can see for now are terminals in the already detailed airports. Suddenly seeing a skyscraper in the middle of LA would be a little odd lol.

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