3D Buildings


I always wanted to land and then taxi to a jetti this would be amazing if this was in it

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Why do people expect 3D buildings?
Why do people expect 3D buildings?
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If you mean “jetty” then that would require more things than just 3D structures: Seaplanes and water you can land on.

The water in the game is seemingly just paint/special effects so you can technically land on it-If there was a seaplane added, the devs would have to actually make realistic water by doing whatever they need to do (Make the water like a very low-hanging, blue cloud?).

Then, they’d have to make some seaplanes, which isn’t on the current agenda from what I see.

Would be terrific, but I’d hold my breath. :smile:

Best, Boeing707


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3D buildings really aren’t a possibly at the moment considering ipads aren’t strong enough to support it, atleast from an affordable ipad, not the crazy 128 gigs xD


I think that the features listed above would really help improve the games realism. The buildings/Jet Bridges wouldn’t have to be moving but it would be nice just to have a reference point to make airports more recognisable.

These buildings would only really be needed in the larger airports Heathrow Lax etc. My suggestion also includes two new view points available on the larger aircrafts:
Door view
&Jet bridge view

Please reply what you think


Good idea bud dey already had sayt that ther come no buildings becous that takes a lot of space on the devises.


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I guess it is possible. X-Plane (the mobile version) has 3D Airport buildings but the game in general has a low resulotion. Buildings in IF don’t have to be high res if not possible but to atleast have them would be nice.


Maybe on some of the popular airports in Infinite Flight there can be a simple 3D airport instead of making all airports like this and making the game over 1gb to download I’m sure it would be less to just add some 3D airports.


Just BIG airports with 3D terminals. Good idea.


Perhaps it could be an optional add in like a feature you could turn on and off


Actually if you scroll down to about 2013 on Infinite Flight’s Facebook page, you can see basic models of 3D buildings.


Couldn’t they use like Google Earth


The quality of 3D buildings in Google Earth isn’t so good.


But beter then noting


If you’ve noticed all the features we have right now, the devs don’t accept “better than nothing”. They want to provide the best experience possible.


That would be cool and make the gameplay alot more interesting than it already is ✈


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It would be cool if there was an option to turn scenery on or off.