3D Buildings Other Helpful Uses

Now this isn’t a request this is just some uses for 3D buildings.

I say that if 3D buildings were added approaches like Runway 27 in San Diego would be more realistic because the part before the threshold will be missed because of a Parking lot in the way.
Like this

But people who don’t use other map viewing apps for Infinite Flight will think this is easy. Then today I was landing into London City I knew I came in to low over buildings that would be there in real life and my gear would have clipped it. This is the other importance of 3D building. Just not for looks but for approach and takeoff calculations.
Note the video is not mine and info on the airport is from Discovery Channel’s Top 10 Most Dangerous Airports.


Yeah so buildings are almost like another systems in the HUD but outside.

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Very good idea. I never thoght of it that way. Airport terminals would be cool thogh, too. I had trouble navigating LAX’s this morning due to it’s huge tarmac. I realized that I had taxied through a terminal that should’ve been there.

I know the airport very well but yeah this is the reason for calculations and navigation. Like an airport on top 10 list you need to spot certain buildings to line up and land.

There’s an issue here. If a 737 nails a landing over a tall building by just a few feet, then a Cessna will probably fly straight into any building in the way. Different airplanes have different approach altitudes.

There is also another issue. Due to the high realism of IF, Solo mode would be slow, Live would have extreme lag, and SoCal would wreck your device. I’m not against this idea, just assessing the possible problems.

can we least have 3D Terminals cause its not the same

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