3D buildings not showing up after a flight!

Hi, I departed from WSSS to RJTT, while on cruise I put all my graphics to low including the 3D buildings density, when I was like 15 minutes ou I reput them at high and when I arrived the buildings werent there, I solved the problem by putting it to low then on high again but I dont think I should do that every time, I would want to able to see these beatiful buildings when landing and not only on ground, I think this bug should be fixed soon! Thanks for understanding!


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Restart the app, if that doesn’t work, go ahead and restart your device.

I have had this before and this happens to other users of the app, so restart IF first, and if it doesn’t work restart your device.

The buildings show up just fine when spawning at the airport, but when I set the density to low during cruise and high before landing, the buildings simply disappear! I would understand if low would mean none, but in this case when density put on low you should see a couple of buildings still. If it were on low=none the problem would be refreshing. Sorry if you didn’t understand!

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Ohhh, I misunderstood that. I haven’t had this problem, so I don’t have many ideas on what to do.

You shouldn’t need to set 3D building density to low during cruise. Buildings only show up when you are within 10nm of an airport, flying over a 3D airport shouldn’t cause any issues in battery/ performance.

Well yea but shouldn’t they be able to show up even at low density?

You should still see the buildings themselves at a low density, it’s the objects that are reduced by that setting. So at cruise the setting doesn’t change what you see. (Unless you really zoom in on the airport)

Ok well anyway thx for helping

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