3D Buildings not loading

I just landed at HAAB and I’m playing on the iPhone 6s which is put to date. Infinite flight 21.3 is also updated but still not buildings showed up when I landed

Attaching the images. You can also see 3D written next to HAAB on the map


Did you change the 3D Object Density settings?
If not try that and wait for a few seconds for me it should spawn the buildings in

3D objects and buildings showing at other 3D airports?

Did you try to restart If and spawn there again ?

My setting is the same and working at all other airports.

btw thanks for atc!

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not yet, i will once im flying again

What could have happened is that when downloading the scenarios, your mobile connection failed. Try to uninstall the game and reinstall it. (make a copy of any replay if necessary)

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could be cause my internet was not stable around the time i landed

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That’s a tough one to workaround. Without a stable connection, it’s rather difficult to stream data such as buildings and terrain.

I was playing and had loaded up LAX and no jet bridges or other items.

Try clearing the scenery chace or change the fps or the building quality or you could download and reinstall the app!

This can be due to a not strong enough wifi connection. Make sure your wifi is stable and operating correctly. If it is not your wifi, then make sure you have 3D rendering on in your settings. There might be other issues I am not aware of (devs correct me if I am wrong).

This is for sure due to lack of wifi connection. I have had this occur on very bad wifi connections.

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