3D buildings in Infinite Flight?

We’ve all been wanting 3D buildings for ages, but did you know Infinite Flight used to have them? Found this on @Laura’s YouTube channel, posted all the way back in 2007. Notice how the graphics on the Cessna look better too…

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvevkLBVWqA

Vote for 3D buildings here: 3D Buildings


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Infinite Flight first came out in 2011 not 2007. Sorry but you have a different simulator.

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Yup, but Infinite Flight was released in 2011. So I’m not entirely sure that this was another flight sim.

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This is Infinite Runway. Infinite Runway was the the first test version of Infinite Flight :)

If you listen to a few podcasts Laura has been on, she’s mentioned it before.

Here are some test building from a few years ago


Maybe infinite flight was a beta back in 2007 but became better in 2011

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Have a look at what @Chris_Wing said in the post above.

It will soon because they always are. How convenient

They may have been there pre launch but removed when IF was released because of issues with rendering, as of right now you can render extremely far without issues. the building probably impacted that. and probably because it would’ve made everyone lag so they just removed it entirely, and devices or server probably had performance issues thus being removed but that’s my guess🙂 it’s all pure speculation so don’t take my word and twist it…

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There’s also this classic video which showcases Infinite Flight a coupla years back with experimental 3D buildings in Hong Kong!

Credit to:


That video is crazy! Classic Kai Tak approach… Absolutely stunning… If only we had that now!


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