3D Buildings Don't Load

My 3d buildings never load until the very last seconds of my final approach.
It’s rather annoying because I restart my phone, clean RAM and clear scenery cache very often. Yes, I’ve reinstalled the app recently as well

Buildings are visible on takeoff well above 6k ft, why do they not load until the last mile final?

3D Object Dentisty changes seem to help but again, it’s annoying doing this every flight.
Hope this issue gets fixed in a future update.

I’m using S20 Ultra running Android 11

What are you graphic settings?

There is a setting in your graphics settings that can disable this feature. If you do have them on, I personally have experienced the render a little later then they should - it is not that big of a deal in my opinion.

Which setting is that?

All high at the moment

Go to the graphics settings. It should be there.

I’m not sure what is causing the issue but I know for sure that there is not an option to choose when buildings show up… there’s just building density

If the issue persists, I would check out this thread:

If this does not help you, I suggest contacting Cam or another moderator (ONLY DO THIS AS A LAST RESORT).

If there is something else I do not know of, or got wrong, anyone feel free to jump in and correct me.

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