3D buildings don’t load after landing

Should I just get a new device? I’ve done a few flights into 3D airports at medium graphics settings with 3D object density set to high (anti-aliasing off) and the result has often been that the buildings won’t load until I’m basically at the gate (unless I’m flying over the airport on approach). Taxiways also take just as long to appear.

If the solution to this is to change my graphics to Nintendo 64 StarFox settings, it’s probably best I get a new device. What do you guys think? And what would be the best iPad for flying on IF with all graphics settings set to high, anti aliasing on and very high airplane count? What are the best low-budget to high budget devices I could consider?

My iPad mini 4 isn’t cutting it anymore.

I am aware of the long device compatibility thread and this recently closed topic:

A hotfix has been issued about a day ago, try updating to that and see what happens

Looks like there was a hot fix 23 hours ago yes. But I started my flight 12 hours ago and before that I’d downloaded the latest version of IF

Well, then I’d wait for one of the staff or someone else to come along.

If nothing you try fixes it, the one thing that fixes a bucket load of IF issues is to reinstall IF. Only do it as last resort.

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Hey, Charles!

I am sorry that you are experiencing some trouble with 3D Buildings. I can feel your frustration.

Unfortunately, besides the obvious (restarting your app/device), there isn’t much that can be done for this. A few users have reported that changing the 3D object density to another selection has worked. For example, if your object density is high, change it to medium and see if that corrects the issue. You can change it back to your desired settings afterward (assuming the problem was remedied).

If you continue to experience issues, a complete reinstall would be your best option. Assuming you take that route, be sure to save your replays and your preferred settings, if you wish, of course.

Regarding purchasing a new device, anything with a 64-bit chip and a solid CPU will do. If you are looking down the Apple line, I suggest the iPad mini 5, iPad Air 4, or one of the new iPad Pros. If any of these devices are out of your budget, a used/pre-owned/refurbished device will do. I suggest an A10 Bionic chip or higher.

I’m not much help in the Android department, so if you would like to go down that path, @Kirito_77 would be of good use.

Once again, I am sorry for the issues that are causing distress. Hopefully all works out.

Have a good one!


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