3D Buildings/Clouds


This may have been brought up many times, but the question

  • Will we ever see 3D Buildings/Clouds for Infinite Flight?

I think Infinite Flight has a much better UI for a mobile simulator, but I see X-Plane 10 Mobile with Global Multiplayer, which has 3D Buildings/Clouds.

I’m not saying there is not enough effort from development, I think this is quite honestly the best mobile simulator I’ve played, and quite honestly the best community around a simulator. I really appreciate the hard work the development team puts into this game.

I’m just wondering when we might see 3D Buildings/Clouds. [Such as terminals.]

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You can vote for both of them here. Clouds are already in development with just a cirrus layer for now. Sneak peeks may come if the devs have things to share.

It is said that they are either considering to start working on it or have started. But clouds are on the way with project metal

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I think he was asking if any info has come out about the development not making a request.

Hey there! Buildings have been a long time community want. With project metal in the works it’ll help to bring this in the future. Clouds are currently in development as we speak and are planned to first have cirrus clouds as a first introduction.

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Already addressed that the clouds are already in development. If the topic is open, you should probably support it.

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Thanks for providing the links, I have voted on both.

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