3D buildings at Vancouver International (CYVR)

Hello there! Ive hoped since IF said theyd add 3D buildings, that they would add YVR to the list, unfortunately, they haven’t yet, so I’m making this topic!

CYVR has a great diversity of routes, planes and airlines With flights all over the globe! Vancouver is known as “north America’s gateway to Asia” as apparently YVR has more flights to Asia than any other city in North America or Europe! YVR has flights to a lot of other airports with 3D scenery, here’s a list:

New York (KJFK), Denver (KDEN), San Francisco (KSFO) Los Angeles (KLAX) Sydney (YSSY) Auckland (NZAA) Seoul (RSKI) Tokyo (RJTT) London (EGLL) Paris (LFPG) Munich (EDDM) Mexico City (MMMX) and Honolulu (PHNL)

Here is a list of all the flights from regional to ULR’s

To the airport its self, its simple design but beautiful, the ATC tower is very recognizable too. A lot of the buildings/ objects look a lot like the ones Infinite Flight use anyway so modeling would be easy too.

The south terminal would be cool to see as 3D, since it holds smaller aircraft and private aircrafts too. Fun Fact: YVR is one of the only Major airports in the world to have seaplane service, that’s where the first fully electric powered passenger plane took flight.

Anyway, I believe it would be a great addition to add YVR to the list of 3D buildings.

Unfortunately we aren’t taking requests for 3D buildings. No worries though because staff would like every airport to be 3D 🙂