3D buildings and landmarks

I’m just curious why don’t we have any landmarks or 3D buildings?

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because the developers want the game to be focused on flight rather than pretty things to look at. Well at least at this point in the development of the game.

Because A) we only have 4 developers, and B) any device older than an iPhone 6 would not be able to run the simulator. Even then, it’s focused on flying, not buildings.


We have mountains…is that good enough?

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We have lots of landmarks, currently none of them are 3D. They are all 2D.


It would be a ton of work but definitely worth it. 3D landscapes have a huge impact on flying, buildings and other obstacles directly affect approach paths / departure routes. It would be a ton of work but worth it, maybe start with 3D terminals and labeled taxi way signs. There are other threads on here that have some good insights and ideas too.

some day…


3D doesn’t really have much impact on flying to be honest. It has a lot of impact on the ground when you are taxiing. Once airborne you can see all of the 2D images/landmarks in the existing landscape. I have been fixing several airports this morning adding in the 2D footprints. You wouldn’t believe how many hours our editing team puts into this. I suspect if and when 3D comes it may be aligned more with a PC version of IF. We shall see what happens, however, iphones, smart phones etc are limited with memory. Meanwhile we are adding to the accuracy of the existing landscapes on a daily basis.


When it comes to this topic i dont really care for 3d buldings unless it is the terminals and add an actual ATC

this is what I meant

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We know it is something that ppl want. We did extensive research on the subject (even had some prototype many years ago) but the result wasn’t good enough in term of both quality and performance.
Terminals and unique landmarks is something we can add with custom 3d models but those are time consuming and very expensive to produce (for quality stuff). Our time is valuable and we have to make a choice; personally I prefer having more aircraft options and having the option to fly with other pilots with real ATC than half baked visual eye candy.

That being said, this is still something we would love to have and we are working towards that goal. There are just so many hours in a day and we also have some big features in the pipeline that need our attention.


thank you so much for saying this

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That’s a dumb statement to say 3D has little effect on flying. Why do pilots spend hours doing a route study before they take off?..so they don’t fly into an obstacle…which is 3D.

Understandably there is a ton of work involved with developing it and there are other things to focus on at this time. It it would still be a cool feature.

And it’s been requested multiple times

Thank you for a negative reply. Once one is at 1000 ft above ground the buildings would look just like a 2D outline.


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Also, as you said, there is a ton of work. And other features are obviously more important than this. Just keep in mind this is also for a mobile platform, and many complaints would be made due to lagging etc.

I have experienced some lagging on xplane on my ipad and trust me its horrible especially for landing

What about towers only? Would be great to see them at the airports.

I would be happy to have 3d terminals and that’s it

That is a HUGE job. There are so many! Look at EHAM. That’s a nightmare to recreate.

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