3D Building in the Ground

Hey everyone!

When I was flying into Tallinn (EETN) earlier, I noticed a bug while using the free camera.

So, over at the end of the terminal here when I put my free camera towards the ground.

I noticed that there was a 3D Building showing in the ground. And, I spawned in at ESSA to see if this issue is at a different airport and it wasn’t.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Load into Infinite Flight
  2. Click either Fly Online or Fly Solo
  3. Select the airport “EETN” or Tallinn
  4. Select any gate
  5. Click the free camera
  6. Head over to the area I circled above with the free camera and put it on the ground
  7. Aim it towards the ground

Device Info

IPad 9.7
IOS 14.4.2

Everyone congratulate @MJP_27 on learning what a basement is! :)

Just kidding, this one isn’t supposed to be here. Thanks for the report, it’ll be passed on and the issue will be fixed.