3d building density

Hello so I've been trying to get 3d buildings on my thing and I have the required device and I have pro on the latest version yet when I go to settings there isent anywhere that says object density and I just want to vibe with 3d airports so someone pls help me


What device do you have? And what version of IF are you on?

3D Object Density is under:
Settings → Graphics → 3D Object Density.

Double check to make sure you’re on 21.5, and if this isn’t working a classic uninstall/reinstall may do the trick.

I’m on the latest version with a 64 bit a02s

can u pots a screenshot

I went to settings and 3d density isent there I’ll send some screenshots

Could you click the icon next to back? Specifically press About and then send a screenshot?

Lets take a look on your infinite flight version

These settings look like something from 20.3, as versions from 21.1 and beyond have Frame rate limit (30 or 60 fps) instead of the Limit Frame Rate checkbox. Most likely your samsung device suffers from the same problem as all the others in the A series: 64 bit processor, but unfortunately only 32 bit android, which is what’s preventing you from being able to download the 21.X versions where you would have been able to vibe with 3D buildings

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