3D ATC Tower On Expert Server

This Topic Will Include The Pros (Why I Would Want This) and The Cons (Why Someone May Oppose To This)

I have read the “About Features Category” and searched for this topic and found things irrelevant or lacking requests

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I believe that this 3D model be located in the same spot that is currently used for the ATC view. (IF YOU LOOK DOWN, YOU CAN SEE A BLACK SPOT WHERE IT IS LOCATED IN MOST AIRPORTS IN IF)

I also think that this should only be available for Expert Server as it may need extra training to be experienced with this new UI.

**1) You guys may be thinking, Nick, what is wrong with you? You don’t understand that there is something called approach or departure and it may need extra screens?

  1. Nick, what about lag? It is a global server! It will lag everybody out!**

I have some answers to those (In my view), please comment some ideas so I can edit it accordingly.


  1. First of all, I believe the Current HUD should be lept but far on the side and also allow ATC controllers to change its order (Just like in real life) to make it easier to remember which plane is cleared to land first and who can land first and use the screens to track outgoing and outgoing planes, and yes, the live screen view, like in the live cockpit airplanes etc. (FREE Roam will be used to move about)

For approach/departure controllers, they would feature the same UI as of now, but will be in a more congested area in the 3D tower as I don’t see any easy way for approach controllers to vector planes on a live screen.

  1. I hope or believe that since IF may not have 3D buildings because of this, lag.
    I believe that these 3D towers SHOULD ONLY be where tower is available. Developers, to reduce lag, add the outline in global server that is always ready to load (Just like any other airplane spawning in) and when a tower goes online, it appears.


This could be really great!


He is just asking for a 3D ATC Tower. He’s not asking for the entire world in 3D.


And only 3D for the ATC, not the pilots

I don’t think any of our current expert controllers would prefer to have a limited line of sight, so I don’t know why this is only for the expert server? Second, the unneeded lag this would create is enough to say this would be a pretty horrible idea to implement anytime soon. Third, I’d really dislike this and never use it personally.


I don’t see how this would make sense on its own without 3D buildings. Feature to ahead of it time. I agree with @Trio

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It would make it more realistic though, and how it has an irl line of sight

I understand, but I couldn’t add more viewing options because it was stated that you can only ask for one feature per thread and trust me, I have a lot of ideas for that.

Looks great, voted!

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Later today I would edit it a bit more to fit what I was actually going to say, I was rushing the typing this morning as I had to attend school.

Maybe the view for controllers could be the same but to pilots you can see a tower? As in it would only be visible to pilots

Pilots can see the tower, yes, I forgot to add that, will do it later today.

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As of 2015, there were 17, 678 commercial airports alone. This doesn’t include the countless GA airports that have a tower. This number is likely to have increased, so this still presents lag as a huge issue. Yes, seeing an ATC tower would be nice, but the costs outweigh the benefits.

Even if we got 3D towers for all of the airports in the game, I feel like ATC would turn into an AirForceProud95 video.



I agree with you, it would limit sight from the tower.

He is not asking for a physical tower building.
It is a request for a 3D TWR interior for controllers…similar to a virtual cockpit.

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I think res requesting a visible tower to everyone.

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Oh I missed that follow-up, I really couldn’t tell from the OP

A nice fov feature would be nice or in the part where you see the list of aircrafts, click “Overview” and you will see an airplane, I want to add this but would this be asking for too many features??