3D and Live Control Towers

I was opened at La Guardia when I had a really cool Idea. When airport terminals come to. Infinite flight, how cool would it be if we had live control tower. With live radars and weather monitors etc. This would be an awesome addition to infinite flight and just like a cockpit, you could have an option to change your camera mode to no VC which would basically be like what the camera mode is now. This would honestly be really cool.

this is nothing like that. It has nothing to do with planes and everything to do with atc.

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Oh, you mean a control tower view with displays and everything , I misunderstood, sorry 😅

Unfortunately there is still a request for this, sorry


The old request is 4 years old, no replies in a similar time, no votes. I’ve closed it.

@Sami_Fajita_Air this request can stay, would you be able to make the title more descriptive and perhaps add some information? No need for the poll as well, that’s what the voting system is for. Thanks!


Voted. Very much needed.

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That somewhat defeats the purpose of the voting system, doesn’t it?

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