3D all the map

When all airports will be on 3D what gonne be the next project?
I hope u create 3D map


It will take time. Only 30 or so are out each update. Be patient the IF staff are working on it!

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isn’t it like 100+ per update


@deltaoutofdca Is right. One time I requested that feature too, people told me that it will take too much time.

Yeah, maybe the first 3D update there was 30 or so. I just thought it was 30 every update.


EDIT: I remembered that a whole group of people are assigned to build airports. So 100 can be accomplished, but it still takes time.

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There were 148 in the last update unless I’m mistaken 🙃


More airports=longer update time

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Welcome to the community @James_Lagr

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You’re correct.

Looking at how many airports were released in 23.1-23.3, the average for 3D airports being released is around 100

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Hello the people responsible for making 3d airports is the infinite flight airport editing team. Anyone can apply but there is currently a long list of people in front of you. Because it is a voluntary project this means that they do it when they have time.Infinite Flight Airport Editing Application


Not true, when the developers release an update they take whatever airports are ready for release and include them. There’s no set list of airports that need to be edited for an update.


Funny question.

There will be never ever all airports 3D.
Within several years of 2D editing there was only a small percentage edited before we started with 3D.
There were even not all international commercial airports been edited in 2D.

Even within 3D editing we just started with very basic methods and options, there are so many things to evolve in airport editing, not only 3D, that I think I wouldn’t see the end of development and 3D editing in my life. and I think I am over the half of my lifespan

What we will see is the evolution of 3D editing.
May be things like

  • 4 light’s PAPIs
  • more different Typs of approach lights
  • sloped or curved roofs
  • real curved pavement and lines
  • autonomous moving vehicles
  • more line types
  • hashed areas
  • more types of AGE
  • different variants of jetbridges
  • text markings on the ground
  • taxiway and runway signs

In parallel development of other features like

  • WX based real time cloud layers
  • animated water
  • surround illumination by aircraft or ground lights
  • VNAV climb
  • upper limits or bands for attitude

There is so much to evolve that will keep the simulation at all exciting. It is not a single thing, and it is not one after the other. It is not predictable, they have surprised us that often with new fantastic features most people hadn’t thought about before.

… all airports been 3D … 😵‍💫


Yeah, let’s just say, our mobile devices are not built to run games like MSFS.

In every update they are 30 airports begin 3D, but it’s to long to put all airports 3D !

Not true, most updates include over 70 airports new 3D airports

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To start with, it would take a very very very long time. Secondly, it’s highly probable that most devices won’t be able to accommodate so much space.

I play MSFS

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