3D Airports

To Whom It May Concern:

Major International Airports are as vital as regional & Caribbean destinations.

To-date there are only 1 Major Caribbean Island 3D Airport TNCM

I Know I speak for many other virtual pilots that want to see routes open up to MKJP/MKJS, TJSJ, MDPC & MMUN….



At the moment yes TNCM is the only major Caribbean airport. But unfortunately at the moment the Airport Editing team is not taking requests at this time. The goal is to have all airports 3D one day. So just keep your eyes peeled.


Thank you @dree_fly92

I agree with you. TJSJ is the biggest and most used airport at Caribbean. Is also thw base for small routes aircrafts around the islands. I really want to see TJSJ becomes 3d.

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Adding onto what @AviatorRyan said, the editors who are making the 3D airports are all volunteers and are allowed to chose what airports they would like to work on as the devs have stated in some of their postings. It appears to me that IF is working on trying to expand their airport editing team and allow more community members to join. This will hopefully allow for more airports in all regions of the world to be produced and may even give you the chance to make your own airports if you have the opportunity to join the team. I hope that helps and gives you hope for the future of 3D airports!

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Im not good at 3D editing so count me out XD

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There are a lot of airports around the world and the editing team is doing their best to improve as many as possible without missing out on diversity in both size & area. Hopefully you’ll be able to see the ones you want the most soon!