3D Airports

Hi guys, first of all i would just like to comend the great job you are all doing i only have one request please, kindly add HKJK on 3D please i would love to fly from home atleast 😊 please guys please.




Hey Kenneth! At the time, 3D airport editors do not take requests. The goal is some day to have all airports 3D on Infinite Flight, so I’m sure it’ll happen in the future!

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Hello there,

Infinite Flight does not take requests for 3D buildings. The airports are selected by editors who are free to choose whichever airport they would like to edit, with no restrictions at all. HKJK is a great airport and is certainly popular in the region, so I have no doubt it may come in the future.

Looking forward to seeing it come though!


Let’s keep our fingers super crossed!