3D Airports

The 3D airports are not visible on my 21.4.1 iPod version.

If it’s not a typo and you’re actually using an iPod, you probably haven’t been receiving updates for years.

But, if you aren’t using an iPod, more information would be extremely helpful.


maybe your Ipad is a 32bit version, the 3D airports it’s only available for 64bit devices

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Easy there peeps. There are several (at least two) iPod models that supports the most recent version of Infinite Flight just fine. Look it up yourselves :)

@iflyt00 - which iPod version do you use?


Also try restarting the app

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Guys, let’s please let the OP respond to Seb’s question above before we start firing more questions at them.

There is no point asking numerous questions when we are currently awaiting a response from the OP, as it just clogs the thread and in the long run makes it harder for the OP to eventually find the answer they are looking for, if they have to look through multiple different messages.


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