3d airports

Hey Guys!

I’m having difficulties seeing 3D airports on my Infinite flight. I believed it was only available to expert server users but I recently got to the expert server and I still can’t see any 3D airports.

What version of IF are you on? If you are stuck on 20.3 (as some people still are), you won’t see any 3D airports.

@RyanR Deleting/redownloading the game should be a last resort option, so please avoid suggesting so in the future unless there are no other known options.

Can we get your device model and the version of Infinite Flight your on please.

Nope never, the devs would never allow Expert Server users only to have access to 3D airports or anything that’s new. That would be completely unfair and that’s not something the devs would do.

This was fixed in 21.3. Do not under any circumstances recommend a reinstall the first thing you do.
The only issue remaining that’s similar, should in worst cases require an app restart.


Thank you guys very much for the support. It turns out that I was still on a previous version as the app didn’t auto-update. The problem has been resolved and the new look app is amazing!