3D airports won’t load upon landing

Hello guys,
Been away but recently got me a subscription again. Nice to see the changes and the new additions to the game as well. This is self explanatory but some 3d airports wouldn’t load for me upon landing. Flights were about same length (2-3hrs ea) I did a few overpasses to see if that was gonna change but it didn’t. I clear my cache and delete my replays after each flight. I have all my graphic settings on medium and my anti-aliasing is on. The device I play on is an iPad Pro 10.5 and it has the iOS 15.7. Im just wondering if this is happening to anyone else or if it’s just me. Also, if a solution can be said I’ll be much appreciated.
Here’s some pictures below

Thanks in advance!

Try clearing the scenery cache and restarting your game or device

👆🏻👆🏻he already cleared it, maybe restarting can work, idk

Scenery cache may not be your solution 100% of the time. How many times have you tried it?

It happened to a friend and I about 2 days ago

You may want to check out this post of a (from what I inferred) similar issue:
It did it again! - Support - Infinite Flight Community

This happened to me like 3 times this happed to me this month and it’s really annoying.

I clear cache after every flight. It has happened in the first three flights after I renewed my sub. I also failed to say all of this happened in casual server. Not sure if it’s something that has to do with the scenery/buildings not loading.

I read what the guy said. My approaches were all straight ins

This occasionally happens to me too. Very frustrating. And I clear my cache ever time too.

I generally think its an issue that the team has been looking into due to the amount of reports.

So far though, I guess we can only endure

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