3D airports Vs Liveries :)

Does anyone know if there are plans to match up 3D airports with current liveries and/or vis versa?

I understand how time consuming development can be and I know that the developers are working super hard but I’ve also read that they are just choosing the airports that they want to do? Which, is totally fine haha I just feel there a few airports here and there that are generally needed. Of course i am happy to wait, I’m just curious :)

Example… Easy Jet, there’s no Luton 3D. We’ve just had the amazing A330 Finnair livery arrive but no Helsinki 3D. Plenty of Egyptair liveries but no Cairo 3D


In the works :)

But yeah, IFAET can edit whatever airport they want, airports are sometimes connected to upcoming planes/liveries. For example, Fuji Dream Airlines will be added to the E-175 and Shizuoka airport has been made 3D because of that

Disclaimer: I am not part of IFAET


This makes me super happy! :)

And thank you for that info. I figured that there would be some connection in the way stuff is released and well, i guess with thousands of simmers to please, not everything can be sent out at once :)

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Hello, James! While we can’t perfectly sync the two, there is definitely thought that goes into both aspects. For example, some key E175 airports are waiting for this next update. In 22.6 we added Druk Air to compliment the previously released Paro Airport. The F18 launch came with airports specific to it as well.

As for your examples, Luton and Helsinki are in progress.

We’ll always do what we can to pair the development of both when it makes sense. Otherwise we release when ready since the ultimate goal is having every 3D airport anyways. Cheers!


Will ever you change the ATC schedule to E175 airports?

I always make adjustments following an update to feature new airports. 🙂


Is it soon?

That’s funny.


I think it will be coming real soon hahaha

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Soon only counts with a ™️.


Yup they confirmed the release date: It will come out when it’s ready


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