3D Airports to be added into Infinite Flight

These are 3 Airports I think should be added in Infinite Flight and my reasons why.

  1. LFPO - Paris Orly Airport
    A lot of Airlines fly out of there and for example, Corsair, FrenchBee,TahitiNui, Air Austral and it’s a great airport in general which would be nice to add in infinite flight.

  2. KMCO - Orlando Int’l
    We have Miami, Tampa, so why not Add Orlando?

Last but not least…

  1. DNMM - Lagos Murtala Muhammed
    This Airport is the hub to most Nigerian Airlines and I also travel there when my dad goes there for work. Lagos is a nice city in general too!

These are my airports I would like to see In Infinite Flight.



All of those are in the sim already and have been for many years? :)


I think he means 3D


I meant 3D Airports 😂

Unless it’s specified, no way of knowing ;)


My apologies, I’ll edit that.

No need to.

The editing team are currently not taking requests and therefore 3D airport requests are not encouraged or adhered to.

They’ll be made 3D when an editor sees it fit :)


I’m pretty sure this one is in the works rn

No need to smash my hopes my guy… I know they’re not taking requests I’m just putting it out there.

Ok that’s nice to know.

They dont take request they make them when they want. If they take request then they have to listen to everyone

Claimed but not actively being edited. Work started but stopped momentarily.

Nearly completeish? Most of it is done.

Started. Hasn’t been touched since March. Waiting to be claimed by an editor who wishes to work on it.


Sorry to say, but if everyone would be putting all their desires out there without regulation it would be chaos in here ;)


I get where you’re coming from, still no need to crush my dreams :(( Have a good day/night!

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Thank you for the information Deer! You’re the best.