3D airports making

With the new update you can see who helped create the 3D buildings at any given airport . So I was wondering how they were able to to do that do they have to be infinite flight staff or how did they get get asked to help with the airport making.

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Hello there,

Airport editors are hand picked by the staff to help build these airports. They were offered this because they had a need to test various features (for example: animated jet bridges and the stand guidance system). Us editors are not staff by any means, and we are really just volunteers trying to help out in the simulator!


Ok so it can’t be any random person I just thought I would ask because at least for some airports I know them very well it would be cool to make them 3D

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As outlined in the #features category, 3D requests in the following list are not allowed,

That said, the end goal is to have every airport receive 3D buildings, and who knows, maybe the airport you have in mind might already be in the works. The best thing you can do is wait patiently. Not to mention, while feature requests are not allowed, there are many other ways to show the IFC the airport that you want to see 3D buildings at, for example, making events or screenshot posts!


Ok thank you and yes maybe the 3 airports I really want are already in the works I know one of them might be and the other 2 probably not

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