3d airports comparison

Here is some comparison real life airports vs 3d airport


Hello! I think this would belong on the #screenshots-and-videos category (correct me if i’m wrong) which would require you to please follow the category rules and requirements as shown below.

Actually, it shouldn’t be as it doesn’t really feature Infinite Flight, more of the comparison. Though the topic may not have been the best when it comes to serving a purpose, it was placed in the correct category.

I can likely see this topic getting closed for that reason, sorry to burst your bubble.

Also I’d just like to point out that you compared Tokyo Haneda’s Terminal 1 to Tokyo Narita’s Terminal 2. The latter has a distinctive T-shaped terminal.


It’s is a just a comparison it is not perfect at all .there are roofs missing in the airport that makes airport incomplete

if you think this incompletion is a bug you should make a report in the #open-beta category :)

Not to be disrespectful, but you should’ve used pictures that are more clear/updated AND used pictures in the same angle. Being that they are all in different angles, it’s kind of hard to tell or “compare”


In addition to what’s been mentioned above, please include sources for your photos.