3D airports and new liveries in 23.1

Device: iPhone 13 Pro
Operating system: Latest

Hello, as of right now, the newly added 3D airports in 23.1 (KEWR, KMCO, KMCD) aren’t showing up as 3D on the map and when I spawn in, it’s still showing the previous 2D version. Same goes with the new liveries. I’ll try again later today and tomorrow to see if it fixed itself.

I just want to check, did you indeed update the game to 23.1?

Make sure you have updated the app via the App Store if it hasn’t auto updated already. I had the same issue and had to manually going the App Store to update.

Hope this helps! :)

Aha! Didn’t know you had to go into the App Store, I thought it would automatically update or I had to do something in the app. (First time having pro when there’s a new release) Thank you!

I flagged it to be taken down now.