3d Airport

Where do I vote for 3d airport?

3D airports cannot be voted for. They are created by the IFAET and they do not take requests on airports to be made 3D.


Hello @Mehedi_Hasan2,

could you please clarify what you mean by that?

3D airports are created by the IFAET. They are independent and airports are edited on editors’ discretion. Click here to apply.

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Ah ok thanks.

Like aircraft’s can be voted for and after reaching a certain number of votes IF either remodels the plane or smh so I though maybe 3d airport might follow the same process

No. The IFAET is a volunteer organization that works under their own free time.

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Thanks for the response topic can be closed then

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If you want to delete the post, flag it and let a moderator know it is solved.

I flagged the topic for closure


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