3D airport

Dear Infinite Flight!

I would like to clarify information about 3D airport. On the page where the updated game information is available, a 3D Mongolia Airport ZMCK has been added, but this airport is not an updated airport in the game.

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Hey there! It would appear that there has been a mistake with the map - ZMCK is, indeed, not a 3D airport and this isn’t a bug on your end.

If you look at the list of new 3D airports right above the map, you will find that ZMCK is not in it, indicating that is hasn’t been released and there’s been a mistake on the map. I’ve passed this onto the appropriate people in an effort to mitigate such mishaps in the future.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Sorry - it was an error on our part! We did some work to our tool that generates this list as part of 23.1, and I accidentally ran it with old data.

It’ll be fixed as of the next update, and that airport should be included


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