3D Airport Update Idea: "Themed Airports"

Now I’m not asking for any specific airport to be worked. I’m just wondering, apart from the airports of editor’s choice, there could be a set of airports (4-5) that are hand-picked from staff members and assigned to various editors during every update cycle. These airports don’t necessarily need to be large hubs, but should have a same “theme” and can be introduced with a brief description in the update blog article.

The themed airports can also be featured in ATC schedules and official events like flashflights. In this way we can promote traffic in regions with little attention and learn more about those airports.

I came up with some ideas, as examples of what I am saying. Note that all airports mentioned here have never been confirmed to be 3D anytime soon.

We can have a featured airline or region:

This update features Air Tanzania, the flag carrier of Tanzania with its base set in Dar-es-Salaam. From the gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro to the botanical gardens in Entebbe, the east Africa region supplies a feast for the eyes. Here’s an invitation to hop in the brand new Air Tanzania A220-300 and explore the great view of Africa!

  • Dar-es-Salaam (HTDA)
  • Kilimanjaro Int’l (HTDJ)
  • Entebbe (HUEN)
  • Zanzibar (HTZA)

Or some challenging approaches:

Tired of ILS approach and autoland? This update will bring you some of the most dangerous airports to land on. Prepare for hard bank to final, high altitude and short runway! Serious pilots only.

  • Paro (VQPR)
  • Santos Dumont (SBRJ)
  • Antonio Narino (SKPS)
  • Courchevel (LFLJ)

Or themed aircraft type, like cargo, GA or military:

During the hard time of COVID the air cargo service is essential for us to fight back the disease. In this update we feature a great selection of cargo hubs across the world! These airports are well-known for their key role in cargo transport.

  • Anchorage Ted Stevens Int’l (PANC)
  • Memphis Int’l (KMEM)
  • Louisville Int’l (KSDF)
  • Liege (EBLG)
  • Luxembourg (ELLX)

I’m not skilled at writing these kinds of descriptions, but I believe that staff members can come up with better choices and more fluent writing than I’ve done. What do you think of this idea?


The same could be done with liveries as well! Great idea!

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Currently the choice of airports is at the discretion of the contributors. I’m sure they understand the airports that are desired by users and will aim to add those in future updates. We do already see some 3D airports being released in line with updates to aircraft.
i.e. Common A220 airports such as Tallinn, Riga and Geneva were released along side the aircraft.

Hey FlightGT!

I like your idea of these themes and agree it would be cool to see! All 3D airports currently are editor choice, meaning many go to their home areas or airports that interest them, such as unique approaches or airports they affiliate themselves with. This naturally creates this theme to some extent for a continuous rollout of unique or specified airports (eg. Some contributors mainly do military airports whilst many others do commercial).

Fortunately many editors also go by community demand and airports to coincide with new features, new aircraft, liveries etc. Over time hopefully the team will expand meaning a wider range of themes and unique attractions across the globe can become readily available to more users.


Thanks for your reply. I just think that a brief introduction to some airport choices (either by staff or the one who builds them) could be great for those who don’t familiar with that region. (Like in 22.1 we got 3 airports in Slovakia, but I don’t even know where they are and which airline flies there, which stops me from going there to fly.) If some introductions can be made it would promote traffic around that region, after all people are more likely to fly there after they got a brief idea of that region in mind.

It would be great if the introduction and brief route list could be included in the blog article that is published alongside each update.

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That’s exactly what I’m meaning, thanks for your support!

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When the next update comes out, maybe you could try creating a topic and including introductions / information on the new 3D airport options.

If they don’t include it in the blog next time I might pick some airports and try to write one 😂

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It’s a really good idea. There’s a lot of people who would appreciate it, including me!

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Not a bad idea!


Also a good one is Quito, Ecuador (SEQM) because of the altitude and mountains. I support this idea !

good idea, i am surprised that Hong Kong VHHH is still not 3D even though literally every airport around hong kong is

This is a cool idea! It would be up to the editing team and staff as to how to implement it, but I personally really like the way you’ve framed it. It would be really nice to see in action.


This is a good idea. When this idea gets implemented then there’ll be no need for “diversity™” debates, because any airport updates would be about Themes. The most dangerous airports theme for example, will spread 3D airport creation across the globe - now that’s diversity! :D

And when we run out of big themes there’re always regular themes, i.e. unique food themes, for example, so I think we’ll never run out of “themes” - I can imagine Jason posting periodical Theme Votes for example - and still we’ll never know with 100% certainty what the team will come up with based on poll results (as a pleasant surprise).

When implemented, we’ll feel like our whole community gets included in the history of 3D airport creation in IF and will leave pleasant moments through polls and surprises and back story of the themes. Also I have a feeling that more people would actually try them out as every airport will come out with a story, pics, charts and events. It’s a simple suggestive formula in advertising that works… get to know it, get to love it, even if you’ve never heard about it before.

But could this idea get a chance to be implemented soon enough though… before the whole 3D airport team completes every airport on their lists of tasks? I know they “do which ones they like” as have been repeatedly said time and time again, but surely IF have also given them a set number of diverse tasks with due dates so that as a whole, the team will cover a good amount for each updates… yes? …no?

Because I blinked, now there are more than 100 3D airports… all so fast in the blink of an eye, so what’ll happen when we blinked again?


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