3D Airport Rework Request

Hello everyone, today I have just asked to rework the airport of Casablanca, Morocco (GMMN). So, since I’m Moroccan and I’ve been on IF for years now, I would be very happy for you, the team of moderators, and the programming team of IF, to rework the GMMN airport, at the the less it will be a 3D airport in Morocco 🙏🇲🇦❤

Hello there! First of all welcome to the community! As the devs said, they do not accept 3D airport Requests


They will rework that airport sooner or later don’t worry


Ohh , he really said that 😪

Hi, 3d airport requests are not accepted, also, atm the people who make the airports choose which airports they make

But said from @anon36354988 Casablanca is coming in 3D in a future update

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That’s good hearing that ❤

We can flag this for closure now

GMMN has been confirmed but we dont know when its coming out. Laura (CEO) leaked it on twitter


To give an extension onto what has been said above:

3D airport editors are hand picked and have their own complete choice of airports as mentioned by others above. This can lead to a bias in airport choice (eg. Lots of American airports, not many Chinese airports) however will change when more users from more places join the team

This is something important to address - Just because an airport may show as 3D in a developer build, does not mean it will be coming anytime soon or has even been edited, a single cone placed down can show the airport as 3D despite having no buildings at all. Airports take a very long time to build (eg. KATL coming in a future update took 80+ hours by a talented editor). Airports that also may be completed internally may not be chosen for an update, meaning the list of airports in future updates likely will be none of what you expect or have seen. :)


Thanks for the explanation @Ecoops123 !


Thank you 😊

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This can be flagged for closure

You could flag it yourself @canton , just use the flag icon at the end of the thread, chose the third option and enter a short note to the moderator in the field that will open.

But it says You are not permitted to view this Requested Resource when I flag it

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Ups, realy?
Fine, I will flag it then, thanks for your try.

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That’s fine thank you

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i recommend check out this topic

Thank you all