3D airport not loading when I land

I love the new updated 3D airports but I have noticed when I fly from one 3D airport to another (for example just flew from EHPH to EGLL) when I land at an airport with 3D, the update does not load and there is the previous version of IF with no buildings and such. Is there a reason this is happening?

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Hello, can you please specify which device make, model and model year you have? Did you see buildings before during open beta?

I experienced the same problem, I hope someone will give a good solution, even after clearing cache nothing was loading :x (iPhone 11)

Hi! I have an iPad 7th gen running in iOS 14.4.2. I wasn’'t able to join the open beta so I couldn’t tell you that. I see the buildings fine when I first load the flight (even the same airport I landed before), but not when I actually land if that makes sense.

`What is weird is that yesterday I did a flight from KSFO TO KLAX and i forgot i was flying so i did a go aorund about 3 times and when I landed in LAX, the buildings were there. I landed in DXB this morning and waited to see if maybe it was a loading issue, but even after 20 mins of pulling into a gate, still no buildings

I have the same problem at EGLL the buildings and the runway didn’t load in while I was connected with the Global servers. I use the iPad Air 3 (2019) I can easily run IF with graphics on high and 60 FPS so my device isn’t the problem.

Do you know a reason why this may be happening or is it just a loading issue? i understand the update is very new and probably pretty heavy but just wanting to get to the bottom of it :)

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