3D Airport list

Can someone (maybe someone who has time) create a chart which contains a complete listing of all 3D airports until now. I know they have listed it for each update but still no complete list in only one file. It should shows the ICAO codes, the City names and also the Country names would be good (many smaller cities could be unknown for people). For example
KJFK - New York - USA
EDDM - Munich - Germany
RKSI - Seoul - South Korea
It would be also good if the airports are sorted by Regions and/or airport size.
Would be very helpful. Im sure there are some creative people here which can find a good solution. Thanks.


Check out the worldwide map available on infiniteflight.com below on one of their latest blogs! Scroll down a bit


In addition to the above you can also use this Tool/Map created by @AdamCallow: IF Flightplan Tools

It gives you a little more information such as Open airports, ATC Regions and 3D Airports.


I recently made my own excel file with all the ICAO codes in alphabetical order.
You could always make your own detailed list

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I liked what you mentioned here, but do you have time to like post it out on the forum like what @Alex_Cox said?

Attempt number 2 at posting on the forum, the other list had open airports as well. (No leaks, just misleading)

This is what I have at the moment, need to do other improvements to it but looks ok at the moment.


Nice! Thank you so much!

The IFBR created this map showing all 3D airports since 21.1. Perhaps this could be useful to you, as this map is updated whenever a new version of IF containing new 3D airports is released.

Link: Click here