3D airport builder

Hello, I would like to support the addition of 3D airports to the simulation. An acquaintance of mine is currently a member of this team. He told me that there is no recruitment at the moment.When do you start recruiting again and what are the requirements to become a 3D airport builder?1


Hey there Cagri!

This explanation from @LordWizrak from about a month ago is still relevant today and should give you some insight as to where airport editing stands on recruitment. In addition, there’s really no timeline to when open recruitment will start up again as it was before, but as stated there have been ways where people have been hand selected to join the rapidly expanding team.

All the best!


thank you very much!

Anyone who reads this, I’ll be posting something here (on the forum, in its own topic) with the next few days to week or so that would involve joining the airport editing team. Consider this the start of opening the editor to more folks.

You don’t want to miss out on the opportunity that will be presented. Should be kind of fun too for you all. Or not… 😜


I already feel stalked 👀


very great to hear this im cannot wait to apply

Have you guys said what app you use for the airport building or is that disclosed to the public?

It’s in app but only accessible to selected users.

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so you dont have the name?

The name is Infinite Flight, they just have a different build.

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Like the actual 3d modelling app?

I believe they use 3DS Max for most of the 3D modelling.

3DS max is not particularly well related to airport editing. It is only used for the custom models a regular editor cannot do.


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