39th Anniversary Of the Tenerife Disaster

On Sunday, March 27, 1977, the worst accident in aviation occurred, The Tenerife Disaster. Two Boeing 747s, a Boeing 747-121 Pam Am, flight 1736, with the registration N736PA, and a Boeing 747-206B KLM, flight 4805, with the registration PH-BUF, collided on a runway, killing 583 souls out of 644 people on board both aircraft. All of the souls on board the KLM plane except for a tour guide, who left the plane after it landed, were killed. On the Pam Am plane, 61 people, including the crew (excluding the flight attendants), survived.

May there souls rest in peace…


I remember it. My grandparents have landed on that day to vacation there. They wanted to leave the airport. Fortunately my grandparents the accident happened as they took your luggage from the luggage belt. That was a big disaster.


Were your grandparents ok?

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There was one survivor on the KLM flight who got off because she lived there and did not want to waste time going somewhere else.


The accident happened when my grandparents left the airport. I was at that time is 5 years old. Today my grandparents are 83 and 89 years old. They were still 5 times on the island. Last year in Mallorca. To those’m fine!

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