[39 Attendees] Huge Las Vegas Fly-Out @ KLAS - 201800ZJAN19


D58 please!


I will take B14 to KAMA. I’ve been slightly obsessed flying to regional Texas airports recently lol.


Did you think that I wouldn’t come? Lol

I’ll take gate C4 in the 737-800 Southwest. Also, for gate E2, they operate the 787 or 777 on that route, and for gate E8, KLAS doesn’t operate the E190 Jetblue :)


I’ll take the Alaskan to Portland


I already have that gate, sorry.


Ok! Thanks!


Then can I have the Southwest to Indianapolis


Could I get D5 - American A321 to KLAX please


B11 to MDW! Thanks!


C8 to KBWI please


You guys are in! Thanks :)


Just curious, do you plan on adding any cargo gates?


Maybe a few.


Woah, 21 attendees?!

Somehow on the first day of me posting the thread the event already has 21 attendees! Thanks everyone! By the way, my goal is 40 attendees. Anyways, thanks to everyone who signed up today!


Can I take the Desert Gold Livery to KBUR C21?


Sure, you are in!


May I have a gate ? I would like to fly to SJC but with Southwest and they operate multiple flights a day from LAS to SJC so could you add that ? I do not want to fly the Delta A320.


Of course! You are in :)


The Delta A320 is not even in the simulator…


Yeah, my bad. Meant to put the 321.