38 Minutes of Beautiful Scenery in 10 Images

Hello, all! This flight was one of the most beautiful I have EVER done. The Croatian coastline is absolutely magnificent. If you haven’t flown there, go do it. Like, right now.

A little bit of information:

Participants: @Altaria55 @TheJ3estPenguin
Time: 0200Z, 31 August 2019
Server: TS (@TheJ3estPenguin is G2)
Aircraft: Infinite Flight 2018 A318

So, this flight was from Split (LDSP) to Dubrovnik (LDDU). Flight time was about 30 minutes.

  1. Parked at the gates of LDSP.

  1. Ready to taxi to the runway. Another person spawned in. This dude has to be stalking me because there’s no way three players spawn into freakin’ LDSP at the same time. Obscure airport in Croatia. It just doesn’t happen.

  1. Lining up after backtaxiing to runway 23.

  1. Blasting out of LDSP while sucking up the gear, as my stalker prepares to backtaxi to 23.

  1. Banking off the coastline to view some beautiful cliffs.

  1. Cruising at FL080 to get the most out of the scenery.

  1. The view from the cockpit as we descend towards LDDU.

  1. A beautiful final approach which takes you over downtown Dubrovnik. The airfield is surrounded by large terrain on both sides, which makes for an interesting approach.

  1. GREASING the landing :)

  1. Parked at the gate!

Just a final note:








To be honest, I like Slovakia more, because of the high Tatres, especially around Rysy, but I’ll make sure to check out Croatia in the future!

Beautiful photos, did you edit these with photoshop filters or something as well?

Wait…since when have we had a Croatia livery?

@Ignas04 I’ve never flown in Slovakia, I’ll check it out!

@MonkeyManofLife I use Adobe Lightroom.

@BennyBoy As long as the A319 has been in-game, as far as I know.


Ibcan personally recommend flying around Poprad Tatry airport :)

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Well then I am blind lol

Love the shots mate, I am going to add this to my world tour plans.


Amazing scenery honestly. A real world approach looks beautiful with lovely mountains near the coast. Definitely a good place to fly for scenery’s sake

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Croatia is just Wonderful. Doing that tonight lol

Why does no one mention me about croatia?
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