[38 attending!] The Motor City Flyout! - @ KDTW -021800ZMAR19 [Sponsored by Delta Virtual, Spirit Virtual]


Can’t wait! See you there (:


Gate A31 please mate


What will be your callsign so I can know who you are?


Aero31 will be mine then dude


Okay then.
A31 is yours! See you there.


Hi everyone, today Detroit is a featured airport today on the IFATC schedule. I would recommend visiting today!


This is actually great because I haven’t flown Detroit a whole lot. I’ll probably hop on in a little while and take a short flight to get more familiar with it.


May I have Gate63 Delta 2655


Sure! See you there!


Hey, can I change my callsign to DLVA02? Thanks.


Sure, the change has been made!


May I take gate C20 to KDCA, but in a CRJ-700? I’m a little concerned for size restrictions.
My callsign will be EDV5132

Also, the E jets aren’t detailed and they don’t have accurate physics in IF


Terminal C gates for E170 and larger E-jets are C40 and C43.
Also I think that most of the B gates can accommodate E170s


I’ll take Gate B19!


Thanks @Luke_Sta


I will take any gate with the Delta 739 to San Jose ! See you there


Your callsign will Be?


I will decide later :)


May I grab gate A38 to ZBAA, please?

Also, may I request that the aircraft be switched to a 772?
Realistically, that’s a bit of a stretch for the A333.



Any chance of British airways to EGLL?