[37 Attending, Partnered with American Virtual and Avianca Virtual] Snoman’s Flyout Series 1.1: Massive Miami Flyout @ KMIA - 082000ZDEC19

Massive Miami Flyout

Hello everyone!

This is the first event in the first reigon of my new flyout series called Snoman’s Flyout Series . Read about it here:

The region for this December is Southeast Florida .We will be starting off by heading to Miami , one of the busiest airports in the United States.

About Miami


The wonderful @BadPlane was generous enough to supply me with all of the cargo gates for this event. If you take a cargo gate, make sure to thank him!

Practical Information

Server : Expert

Airport : KMIA

Time : 2019-12-08T20:00:00Z

NOTAM : Spawn 10-15 minutes before flight. Respect Unicom or ATC, whichever is present



D Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 American 777-200ER (OneWorld Livery) Barcelona-LEBL
D2 American 777-300ER London Heathrow-EGLL
D3 American 777-200ER Milan Malpensa-LIMC
D4 American 777-200ER Paris CDG-LFPG
D5 American 777-300ER Sao Paulo Guarulhos-SBGR
D6 American 737-800 Port-au-Prince-MTPP @haitianpilot44
D7 American 737-800 George Town-MWCR @CaptainCaybrew
D8 American 777-200ER Santiago de Chile-SCEL
D9 American 757-200 Brasilia-SBBR @anon45500775
D10 American 777-300ER Los Angeles-KLAX @Retr0
D11 American 737-800 Baltimore-KBWI
D12 American A320 Austin-KAUS
D14 American 777-200ER Buenos Aires-SAEZ
D15 American 737-800 Belize City-MZBZ
D16 American 767-300 Cancun-MMUN
D17 American A321 Houston-KIAH
D19 American 737-800 (Astrojet Livery) Hartford-KBDL
D20 American A320 Detroit-KDTW
D21 American 777-200ER Dallas Ft. Worth-KDFW
D22 American 777-200ER Madrid-LEMD
D23 American 777-200ER New York JFK-KJFK @EpicNYC04
D24 American 767-300 Philadelphia-KPHL
D25 American 777-200ER Rio de Janeiro-SBGL @Gabriel_Gava
D26 American 737-800 Havana-MUHA
D28 American A321 Washington National-KDCA
D29 American 737-800 Tampa-KTPA
D30 American 757-200 (Old Livery) Boston-KBOS
D31 American A321 Charlotte-KCLT @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
D32 American 737-800 Montego Bay-MKJS @Evanpilot16
D33 American A321 Raleigh-Durham-KRDU
D34 American A321 Orlando-KMCO
D36 American 737-800 Bermuda-TXKF
D37 American A320 Toronto-CYYZ
D38 American A321 Las Vegas-KLAS
D39 American A321 Chicago O’Hare-KORD @Kbeemer
D40 American 737-800 Montego Bay-MKJS @10R80_Daily
D42 American 737-800 (TWA Livery) Nashville-KBNA @Southern_Aviator
D43 American 737-800 Denver-KDEN
D44 American A321 San Diego-KSAN
D45 American A320 Bogota-SKBO
D46 American 737-800 (Old Livery) Newark-KEWR
D47 American A321 Seattle-KSEA
D48 American A321 New Orleans-KMSY
D49 American A321 San Francisco-KSFO @cptlogue
D50 American A320 San Antonio-KSAT
D51 American 737-800 Phoenix-KPHX
D53 American A321 New York LaGuardia-KLGA
D55 American 737-800 Montreal-CYUL
D60B American Eagle CRJ-200 Birmingham (US)-KBHM
D60C American Eagle CRJ-700 Greensboro-KGSO
D60D American Eagle CRJ-700 Jacksonville-KJAX
D60E American Eagle CRJ-200 Pensacola-KPNS
D60F American Eagle CRJ-700 Memphis-KMEM
D60G American Eagle CRJ-900 Cleveland-KCLE
D60H American Eagle CRJ-200 Tallahassee-KTLH
D60J American Eagle CRJ-900 Nassau-MYNN
D60K American Eagle CRJ-700 Charleston-KCHS
D60L American Eagle CRJ-900 Indianapolis-KIND
D60M American Eagle CRJ-200 Norfolk-KORF
D60N American Eagle CRJ-200 Richmond-KRIC @InfiniteNick
D60P American Eagle CRJ-700 Cincinnati-KCVG
D60Q American Eagle CRJ-900 Kansas City-KMCI
D60R American Eagle CRJ-700 Pittsburgh-KPIT @Tyler_Cehelsky
D60V American Eagle CRJ-200 Savannah-KSAV
D60W American Eagle CRJ-700 Key West-KEYW
E Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E2 American 767-300 San Francisco-KSFO @GlobalFlyer1
E4 American 737-800 Chicago O’Hare-KORD
E5 American 757-200 (2013 Livery) Dallas Ft. Worth-KDFW
E6 American 777-300ER Los Angeles-KLAX @Captain_JR
E7 Interjet A320 (Generic) Mexico City-MMMX
E8 Qatar Airways 777-300ER (A350 if released) Doha-OTHH @Infinite_Pro
E9 Iberia A330-300 (Generic) Madrid-LEMD
E10 British Airways 747-400 London Heathrow-EGLL @Ramzi_Khairan
E11 British Airways 747-400 London Heathrow-EGLL
F Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
F3 WestJet 737-700 Toronto-CYYZ
F4 Volaris A319 Mexico City-MMMX
F6 Volaris A319 Guadalajara-MMGL @ArkJr
F7 Aeroflot A330-300 Moscow-UUEE
F8 Air Europa 787-9 Madrid-LEMD
F9 Aer Lingus A330-300 (Generic) Dublin-EIDW
F10A TAP A330-300 (Generic) Lisbon-LPPT
F14A TUI 787-8 Amsterdam-EHAM
F17 Norweigan 787-9 London Gatwick-EGKK @Aero
F23 Eurowings A330-300 (Generic) Dusseldorf-EDDL
G Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
G4 United A320 Chicago O’Hare-KORD
G6 United 737-800 Newark-KEWR
G8 United 737-900 Houston-KIAH @Thunderbolt
G9 Frontier A320 (Hugh the Manatee) Cincinnati-KCVG
G10 Frontier A321 (Virginia the Wolf) Cleveland-KCLE
G11 Frontier A320 (Sheldon) Raleigh-Durham-KDRU
G12 Frontier A320 (Colorado) Denver-KDEN
G14 Frontier A321 (Virginia the Wolf) Philadelphia-KPHL
G15 Frontier A320 (Alberta and Clipper) Newark-KEWR
G16 Frontier A320 (Hugh the Manatee) Las Vegas-KLAS
G19 Frontier A320 (Ozzy) Atlanta-KATL
H Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
H3 Aeromexico 737-700 Mexico City-MMMX @JuanCrafter_Pro
H4A Turkish Airlines 777-300ER Istanbul-LFTM
H5 GOL 737-800 (Gol +) Brasilia-SBBR via Punta Cana
H6 Aerolineas Argentinas A330-300 (Generic) Buenos Aires-SAEZ
H7 GOL 737-800 (2018) Fortaleza-SBFZ via Punta Cana
H8A KLM A330-300 (Generic) Amsterdam-EHAM
H9 Delta A321 Atlanta-KATL
H10 Delta A319 Minneapolis-KMSP @ThomasThePro
H11 Delta A319 New York JFK-KJFK
H12 Air France 777-300ER (SkyTeam Livery) Paris CDG-LFPG
H14 Delta A321 New York LaGuardia-KLGA
H15 Delta A319 Havana-MUHA
H17 Delta 737-900 Boston-KBOS
J Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
J2 Avianca A318 Barranquilla-SKBQ @Lucas_Piedra
J3 Air Canada Rouge A319 Toronto-CYYZ @anon41771314
J4 Avianca A318 Bogota-SKBO @Altaria55
J5 Swiss A330-300 Zurich-LSZH @OneB
J7 Avianca A318 Cali-SKCL @Jake_Seitz
J8 Avianca A318 Cartagena-SKCG
J9 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City-MPTO @Armani_B
J10 Avianca A318 Medellin-SKRG
J11 Avianca A318 Managua-MNMG
J12 Virgin Atlantic 787-9 London Heathrow-EGLL @Sam73628
J14 Carribean Airlines 737-800 Port of Spain-TTPP
J15 SAS A330-300 Copenhagen-EKCH
J16 LATAM 777-300 (TAM) Sao Paulo-SBGR
J17 Lufthansa A380 Frankfurt-EDDF @A350iscool
J18 El Al 787-10 Tel Aviv-LLGB
J49 LATAM A320 Manaus-SBEG
J50 LATAM 787-9 Santiago-SCEL @Captain_Oblivious
J51 LATAM 767-300 (LAN) Lima-SPJC
J52 SAS A330-300 Oslo-ENGM @SwedishFlyer


Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
FedEx 01 763 KMEM
FedEx 02 763 KMEM
FedEx 03 752 KOAK
FedEx 04 752 MMMX
W43 77F SBGR
W46 77F KDFW
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
UPS 01 752 MDSD
UPS 02 763 SBKP
UPS 03 752 MHLM
UPS 04 752 MSLP
UPS 07 752 KPHL
UPS 08 763 KSDF
UPS 09 763 KSDF
W65 (Class F) 748 VHHH
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
W11A 763 SKBO @Jhon_Garcia
W11B 752 KCVG
N11 77F SPJC
N20 763 SBGR
N22 77F KATL
N24 744 PANC
N09A 752 MMMX


Southern Air
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
N14 77F KTPA
N16 77F PANC
N18 77F KCVG
N26 77F VHHH
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
N01 763 (Generic) KORD
N03 763 (Generic) MRPV
N05 77F SBGR
N07 77F KLAX
N09 763 (Generic) KJFK
Kalitta Air
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
W51 (Class F) 748 VHHH
W52 (Class F) 748 PANC
W53 (744) 77F KCVG
W56 (744) 744 KLAX
W57 (744) 744 KJFK
W61A 744 KDFW
Atlas Air
Gate Aircraft Destination Pilot
W15 (Class F) 748 PANC
W16 (Class F) 748 KSFO
W17 (Class F) 748 SPJC
W18C 744 KORD
W41 763 KCVG
W42 744 KDFW @BadPlane
W63 744 SBGR
W64 763 KLAX
Gate Airlines/Aircraft Destination Pilot
W58 (Class F) Cargolux 748 ELLX
W60 Martinair MD11F MGGT @United_1154
W69 (Class F) Singapore 744 WSSS (Via PANC)
W70 (Class F) KLM Cargo 744 EHAM
W73 (Class F) Lufthansa Cargo MD11 EDDF
W75 (Class F) Cathay Pacific 748 VHHH (Via PANC)
W78 (Class F) Qatar 77F EBBR
W79 Emirates 77F OMDW
W82 Etihad A33F OMDW
Gate Airlines/Aircraft Destination Pilot
W12 (Class F) China Airlines 744 KSEA
W14 (Class F) China Cargo 744 KATL
W15A Cargolux 748 KORD @Zach007
W48 (Class F) Cathay Pacific 748 KLAX
W49 (Class F) China Airlines 744 PANC

Event Partners

At American Virtual, we strive to maintain the perfect balance between a professional and friendly environment. In our ranks, there are real world student pilots, commercial pilots and everything in between. Our slack is also laden with IFATC members, IFAE pilots and IFVARB members thus making it the optimal learning experience. We inculcate integrity, discipline and knowledge into our pilots, as we honor our slogan- Going For Great. We offer one of the most comprehensive route databases in the virtual airline community. That, coupled with our diverse fleet of 13 aircrafts and a manifold of liveries, you will not be bored. Apply here .

Founded on 05 March 2019, Avianca Virtual is one of the few operating South American VAs. With nearly every aspect of the VA being built from scratch. With friendly staff and a professional environment, nothing about AVVA will disappoint. With AVVA, the world is at your fingertips. All you have to do is apply here .

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you in Miami!


Forget about that last message… Hey I won’t be able to complete the KMIA-EDDF route can I switch to gate W15A

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I couldn’t update it anymore

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Event is tomorrow y’all!

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Hey, i’m not going to be able to make it, sorry 😕

No problem I’ll remove you

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Last minute sign up for gate J7?

Ill take D60D, American Eagle, JAX, Flight 853.

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Event is in 3 minutes so just take it

Gate H5 please

This event already happened

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