[37 Attendees] A Massive Memorial Day Washington Dulles Flyout {Partnered with United Virtual} @ KIAD - 272000ZMAY19


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Massive Dulles Airport Flyout

Dulles Airport is the largest airport in the state of Virginia and the entire area. With flights to every continent in the world, you can fly nonstop to anywhere except Antarctica. Although it doesn’t handle more passengers than BWI, IAD handles more than 24 million passengers a year. Dulles can handle about any aircraft, including the A380. Let’s fill the airport.

Flyout Information

Flight Info

Server: Expert Server

Airport: Washington–Dulles (KIAD)

Time: 2019-05-27T20:00:00Z


  • I cannot fit every route into a gate, if you’d like a gate that isn’t available then just make sure it’s a realistic route and request it. Airlines are available here

  • Be professional, this is an expert server event

  • If ATC happens to be active, make sure to follow all directions

  • Have a great time

Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KIAD)

Airlines & Aircraft
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Aeroflot AFL A330
Air Canada Express N/A Crj-200
Air France AFR 777-300
Air India AIC 777-200LR
Alaska Airlines ASA 737-900, A320
All Nippon ANA 777-200ER
American AAL 737-800
American Eagle N/A Crj-700
Avianca El Salvador TAI A318
British Airways BAW 787-9,747-400
Cathay Paciic CPA 777-300
Delta DAL 717-200,737-800, A319
Delta Connection N/A Crj-200, Crj-700, Crj-900
Emirates UAE A380
Ethiopian ETH 777-200LR
Etihad ETD 78X
Frontier FFT A320
Icelandair ICE 757-200
KLM KLM 787-9
Korean KAL 777-200ER
Lufthansa DLH 747-8, A330
Porter POE DH8D
Qatar QTR 777-300
Royal Air Maroc RAM 787-8
Saudia SVA 787-9
Scandinavian SAS A330
South African SAA A330
Southwest SWA 737-700,737-800
Turkish THY 777-300
United Airlines 737-700,737-800,737-900,757-200,767-300,777-200ER,787-9,78X, A320
United Express N/A E170, Crj-200, Crj-700
Virgin Atlantic VIR A340-600
Volaris Costa Rica VOC A319


A gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate A1A UAL (express) Crj-700 Charlottesville (KCHO) @GlobalFlyer1
Gate A1B UAL (express) Crj-200 Columbia SC (KCAE) @Patrick_Gallagher
Gate A1C UAL (express) Crj-200 Richmond (KRIC)
Gate A1F UAL (express) Crj-200 Burlington (KBTV)
Gate A2A UAL (express) Crj-200 State College (KUNV)
Gate A2B UAL (express) Crj-700 Buffalo (KBUF) @A350iscool
Gate A2C UAL (express) Crj-200 Grand Rapids (KGRR) @N492ED
Gate A14 ETD 777-300 Abu Dhabi (OMAA)
Gate A15 ICE 757-200 Keflavik (BIKF)
Gate A16 UAE A380 Dubai (OMDB)
Gate A17 KLM 787-9 Amsterdam (EHAM) @FlightLegend09
Gate A18 AFL A330 Moscow (UUEE)
Gate A20 CPA 777-300 Hong Kong (VHHH) @Dylan_M
Gate A22 SVA 787-9 Jeddah (OEJN)
Gate A23 AFR 777-300 Paris (LFPG)
Gate A25 AIC 777-200LR Delhi (VIDP) @Siddhansh
Gate A26 POE DH8D Toronto (CYTZ)
Gate A30 VIR A340-600 London (EGLL) @Dart
Gate A31 ETH 777-300 Addis Ababa (HAAB)
Gate A32 KAL 777-200ER Seoul (RKSI)
B gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate B37 SAA A330 Accra (DGAA) @Springbok777
Gate B38 QTR 787-8 Doha (OTHH) @anon58665202
Gate B40 SAS A330 Copenhagen (EKCH)
Gate B41 ANA 777-200ER Tokyo (RJAA)
Gate B42 RAM 787-8 Casablanca (GMMN)
Gate B43 THY 777-300 Istanbul (LTFM) @Todor_Dimitrov
Gate B44 BAW 787-9 London (EGLL) @Albatross_Prince
Gate B45 DLH 747-8 Frankfurt (EDDF) @Tnel
Gate B46 AIC 777-200LR Delhi (VIDP) @DhruvC
Gate B48 TAI A318 San Salvalor (MSLP)
Gate B50 SWA 737-800 Atlanta (KATL) @Nathen_Magana
Gate B61 ASA A320 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate B63 SWA 737-700 Orlando (KMCO) @Kevinsoto1502
Gate B64 SWA 737-800 Denver (KDEN)
Gate B65 ASA 737-900 Seattle (KSEA) @TaipeiGuru
Gate B66 DAL (connection) Crj-200 New York–JFK (KJFK) @darkeyes
Gate B67 AAL 737-800 Dallas (KDFW)
Gate B69 AAL (eagle) Crj-900 Charlotte (KCLT) @deaconstar003
Gate B71 AAL 737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX)
Gate B72 DAL (connection) 717-200 Detroit (KDTW)
Gate B73 DAL A319 Seattle (KSEA) @Delta319
Gate B74 DAL 717-200 Atlanta (KATL)
Gate B75 DAL (Connection) Crj-900 Minneapolis (KMSP) @F-4Ace
Gate B78 DAL 737-800 Salt Lake City (KSLC) @Matt777
C gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate C1 UAL 767-300 Rome (LIRF) @esant_15
Gate C2 UAL 777-200ER London (EGLL) @Brandon_Biaesch
Gate C3 UAL 767-300 Honolulu (PHNL)
Gate C4 UAL 777-200ER Tel Aviv (LLBG) @anon23647801
Gate C5 UAL 777-200ER Brussels (EBBR) @NathanD
Gate C6 UAL 787-9 Paris (LFPG)
Gate C7 UAL 767-300 Amsterdam (EHAM)
Gate C8 UAL 767-300 São Paulo (SBGR)
Gate C9 UAL 737-900 Ft Lauderdale (KFLL) @CaptainGarcia
Gate C11 UAL 767-300 Geneva (LSGG) @Matthew_20204
Gate C12 UAL 777-200ER San Francisco (KSFO)
Gate C14 UAL 767-300 Zurich (LSZH)
Gate C16 UAL 737-800 Sacramento (KSMF) @HarryH1
Gate C17 UAL 787-10 Los Angeles (KLAX) @JWFANMLG
Gate C18 UAL A320 Mexico City (MMMX)
Gate C19 UAL 737-900 San Juan (TJSJ)
Gate C22 UAL 777-200ER Denver (KDEN)
Gate C24 UAL A320 Houston (KIAH)
Gate C26 UAL 777-200ER Chicago (KORD) @chief
Gate C28 UAL 777-200ER Chicago (KORD)
D gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate D1 UAL 737-900 Austin (KAUS) @BadPlane
Gate D2 UAL 737-900 Orlando (KMCO)
Gate D3 UAL 737-900 Las Vegas (KLAS)
Gate D4 UAL 737-900 Cancun (MMUN)
Gate D5 UAL 737-700 Cleveland (KCLE)
Gate D6 UAL 737-900 Newark (KEWR)
Gate D7 UAL 737-800 Phoenix (KPHX)
Gate D8 UAL A320 New Orleans (KMSY)
Gate D10 UAL 737-700 Atlanta (KATL)
Gate D11 UAL A320 Seattle (KSEA) @harmyd
Gate D12 UAL 737-800 Tampa (KTPA)
Gate D15 UAL A320 Boston (KBOS) @Tnel
Gate D16 UAL A320 Raleigh (KRDU) @mogbog
Gate D18 UAL 757-200 San Diego (KSAN)
Z gates
Gate Airline/Aircraft Destination
Gate Z7 Air Canada (express) Crj-200 Toronto (CYYZ)
Gate Z8 Air Canada (express) Crj-200 Montreal (CYUl)
Gate Z9 FFT A320 Orlando (KMCO) @Niccckk
Gate Z10 FFT A320 Las Vegas (KLAS) @ouzi
  1. @United_1154


This event is partnered with United Virtual

United Virtual offers diverse routes with their twelve hubs and is always looking for pilots to join their amazing VA. Interested? Apply here!

See you there


Whenever you’re done, just sign me up! I’ll take a gate for a United 772 to San Francisco! See you there!


Sign me up for any gate as a Alaska A320 to Los Angeles! ASVA008, see you there!


Whenever you’re done, I’ll take a Southwest 737-700 to Atlanta. :)


Would love to join but imma be playing baseball in K.C


Most gates requested so far are in the B concourse, I will add it soon


I’ll take A17 but may I use the 787-9 instead? thank you


Hi. May I have gate C7 to Amsterdam please? I will be flying a United 767-300. Thx


I will take gate 66 to JFK in the CRJ 200 please


@GlobalFlyer1 @Niccckk @Dylan_M @United_1154 @darkeyes @Delta319 you all have been added, also the event has been completed. Thank you


Gate B29 to Doha can you change the aircraft to 787 Please


Of course, see you there

Gate B39


Can I have the American Eagle to KCLT from B? I’m putting this event on my calendar what an amazing idea!


can you fix this please? thank you very much


Even Antarctica?

Gimme tickets! :D


I’ll take a gate to Boston Logan. Aircraft will depend on the time on the date, so leave that blank. Callsign will be UVAL041. Thanks!


@Dylan_M sorry tickets not for sale yet 😂

@deaconstar003 @Tnel you’re added :-)

@Delta319 I’ll fix that for you, thanks for letting me know


@JeromeJ, may I switch my gate to B50?
I fly to Atlanta too much. 😂



Certainly, I’ll change it


This event is now partnered with United Virtual