3600nm A320 Flight, ANC-LED, Aeroflot 9149

I was bored at 3am so I decided to fly the A320 but didn’t know what route so I randomly chose to fly from Anchorage to St. Petersburg.

Plane: A320-200, Areoflot (Аэрофлот)
Server: Expert
Flight Time: 8:10
Date: 12/30/2019
Notes: Encountered a mudslide on RWY 10R, fortunately we were able to stop before it, I could belong but I believe this set a new record for the longest A320 flight (not counting any other A320 variant i.e A318, A319, A321) done by an IFC member as according to this thread Longest Narrowbody Flight

At the gate at ANC:

Taking off from RWY 33:

Climbing to cruise at FL330:

My view from my seat in economy:

Beginning our decent into St. Petersburg:

On approach to RWY 10R:

A very buttery touchdown, slightly off center line though:

The mudslide partway down the runway it was really just a glitch but saying mudslide sounds better :
Here is the flight path over the North Pole:

Thanks for checking this out. I hope to do some even longer flights using the A320 in the near future.
Please rate my pictures in the comments. All of these are unedited.


Nice pictures you have taken @KGJT-9149. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to the runway on last picture 😃.


Great pictures!! Hopefully one day this becomes a real flight because it would look really cool with the Alaskan/Siberian scenery. Also glad you went to PANC!


You dont see that the earth is glitched over the rwy? I know it’s happened before though.

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Very nice photos you have😃

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Hmm, okay?

New record, great job!

They added mudslides to IF? Cool!

I’ll stop quoting you, great job on your record, and nice photos. Too bad there’s no 3D scenery up there in the north, that would have made it even better.

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I agree, it would probably be with the A321XLR though instead of the og A320.

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At least it will still be part of the A320 family, so that’s the good part.

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Little error. Nice pics though!

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Oops. I halve bad speeling abilleti. XD

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Unique route. Great photos 😀

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So that’s why I saw an Aeroflot A320 at PANC (doesn’t exist) 😂

Nice pictures!