360° videos on Infinite flight

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Nvidia released something like this with the GTX 1080, maybe if we had infinite flight on the PC…

Yes, @Ksisky, we need IF on PC. It would enable possibilities for mods for people to make and faster running with the enabling of the 360° videos. Plus people would use it if they want to. @Rexton

But then IF won’t make a profit out of it… Aerofly and FSX dominates on the PC

They could make it a bit more expensive or they could just introduce IF joysticks for PC and/or IF button/pilot set, connect and play! XD idk… really.

Well they already have a PC dev version, and I would definitely buy the PC version.

Me too.

Also: I would love if Android and Apple program payments joined together. I would pay for the PC version without that wish but for IF and other programs that are priced… you know… Altough it would help the devs.

They would. Some don’t know how to record tablets/smartphones. Of course they can Google it but most of the time, recorded videos on tablets/smartphones aren’t high quality. On PC the other hand… You get it.

As you know I am going into youtube and stuff.

Plus if the 360° feature gets added, YouTubers can record it, and, since we are getting in the VR era which includes 360° videos, people could get into it and BUY the game ON PC.

Some kids don’t have Tablets or Smartphones, they can only use PC’s.

I think it would bring profit overtime.


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Okay. I just made sure, though.

I think it is a great idea as it will bring a new audience of YT’s and viewers experiencing this new feature if it will ever be, and a feature that might be good is being a passenger on other peoples plane and grade the flights


I saw a topic on passengers once and I liked it! Of course there would be trollers but… still!

yes be could also if you could take not with the atc voice as Co-Pilot

As in IF YouTuber I would like this idea but there should be another view type that says 360 degrees on it so it will do a 360 spin cycle. When you choose this it will put you in the place where you can see everything while spinning. And make sure we stay on topic.

Co-Piloting would be a decent idea but you should losten to ATC’s

For @Bulba idea, it is not bad. It would make sense and it does add-on to the idea. For me it was mainly for recording 360° videos but a camera mode is a pretty good idea aswell.

I think I will make a different post about a camera mode, because:

  1. I can’t edit the main post now.
  2. I don’t want to violate the #features category rule: “1 Feature per post”.

@Bulba Just in case you missed it:
Everyone else can visit this post too.

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