360° videos on Infinite flight

First of all: I know this is supposed on the “Features” tab but I cannot post there.

360° videos on Infinite Flight would allow the viewer to fully control the view by themselves. The pilot could change the view but it would stay in the default view selected from the start, all the time. The pilot would need to select 360° video start from the start with options:

  1. HUD view (without the plane). Mainly used for scenary.
  2. Above the plane. Used for scenary and to check what they are doing that is visible from above.
  3. Locked “Above the plane view”. Basically, if the plane turns it stays above the plane’s roof. In the “Above the plane” option, if the plane is turning, you can see its gear and other stuff.
  4. Below the plane. Same as option no.2 but below the plane.
  5. Locked “Below the plane”. Same as option no.3 but below the plane.
  6. Right-side. View from the right-side of the plane.
  7. Locked roght-side. Always on the right-side of the plane.
  8. Left-side. View from the left-side of the plane.
  9. Locked left-side. Always on the left-side of the plane.
    The view options of the video cannot be modified mid-flight. You must select them from the start and you can’t change them afterwards.
    For the side options: They must be far enough, so that the gear is visible. Possibly in-front or behind the wing.

The exception would be to implement a PC version and allow modifications. Then people could make a 360° video mod. If I broke the rule of only 1 feature per suggestion please notify me. I don’t think I did though.


Thanks to @Adrien for putting this into features!

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I like this idea. So people would basically be able to watch your flight in real time?

No, not in real time. The pilot would record a 360° video and when you end it, it saves and you can view it and you can look around.
Search 360 degree video on youtube and try to turn or drag with your finger your smartphone/tablet. It should work on PC by dragging and clicking the cursor I think.

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Oh I know what 360 videos are I just wasn’t sure if it you wanted it to be like being a passenger on that flight.

Ah, okay. I was thinking of the scenary and the actions by 360° videos on IF.

Is this a good idea?

  • Yes
  • Needs Improvements
  • Nah

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Sorry for bumping this post but I can’t edit it (main post)

What sort of improvements, @AlotQuestions?

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What do you mean 360 view?

We already have something close enough to a 360 view…

Do you mean in the cockpit or outside?

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For viewers on YT to change/turn their view without the pilot. They do it by theirselves.
I watched 360° vlogs by Roman Atwood. He said that he doesn’t even need to move the camera - you can move it by yourself. The same principal would apply to IF, except, if the pilot changes his view, the view doesn’t change for the viewer. As I said that you select an option and it films only that and, if the pilot changes his view the view doesn’t change for the viewer but the viewer can move it around like in 360° videos.

1, stay on topic

2, if this was added, it should only be in replay mode in solo,

3, if this was in normal Cockpit or HUD mode, it defeats the realism

  1. I am staying on topic. My main goal of this feature would be that YT viewers would have a different experience.
  2. Why shouldn’t it be saveable and in multiplayer?
  3. And how exactly?

1, you could of related it to a boring or Airbus or any aircraft videos

  1. We already have a similar view in the outside view

  2. The HUD isn’t suppose to move, Cockpit mode can’t do full 360 because it’s you piloting the plane, humans can’t do 360 head turns

  1. no comment.
  2. But the point is that the viewer could control where they look without being affected by the pilot’s view.
  3. I didn’t mention cockpit mode and HUD view in 360° videos would be without the plane mainly to view the scenary or explore the region that you don’t have.
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This would be extremely hard to develop and be very resource-intensive, for a not really needed feature IMO.


I am this topic is getting confusing, I’m out of this topic.

I mean, the 360 degree era is evolving

Some of the YouTubers would use for their videos.

The thing I would recommend would be that a PC version should be developed. This would allow Mods/Modifications and probably 360° videos will be implemented. Minecraft has a 360° mod.

Goodbye, AlotQuestions.

Minecraft also has a multi-billion dollar company behind it, at least 20 devs, a fully moddable core, and a 10 million+ fanbase.,

Even if they do make a PC version, I can never see this being there.


Mods are made by people that are not working in the compamy, most of the time.

Yes, I agree about your minecraft arguments, but Infinite Flight is cooler than minecraft. And it is CHEAPER.