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I have been flying and also Atc on Atc playground wondering what 360 means as a Atc and what 350 for spacing means to the pilot.Can someone explain?

360 for spacing means you make a complete turn of 360°.


You make a turn of 360 degrees to a certain direction


Oh ok so when you tell the pilots as Atc they are too do a 360?


Make a circle basically


If you are told to do a 360 for spacing, it means turn left or right in a complete circle. You are too close to the aircraft in front of you, so doing a circle will add more spacing.


Yes correct.

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Thanks guys!
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I don’t ever use the 360 command, if the pilot doesn’t want to follow the speed command then he can go around. :)

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Simple way to think of it, go in a big full circle form your current position, it helps space you out.

I use the 360 command to help space out and make “holds” for aircraft.

this is the real and perfect answer.

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Make a left 360 is you have to turn left 360 degrees.
Make a right 360 is you have to turn right 360 degrees.

Also sometimes I will ask pilots to make a 360, then extend downwind, because if they continue a perfect circle, they will collide with the plane right behind him. This mean the 360 is more of an oval. This is why you ALWAYS listen to the controller for each specific situation.