360° Cockpit Video - Emirates A380


@Aernout - If you look at the floor behind the captains chair there looks to be a door/hatch. What is that for or where does it lead to?

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Don’t they have emergency ladder access in/out of the cockpit? I think that’s what it’s for… but I could be wrong…

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Doesn’t that lead to the ‘hidden’ crew sleep areas?

Basicly the closest a average person can get to being in the cockpit…

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Imagine this with a VR headset :)


Damn I want YouTube to make it more revolutionary!

Let the pilots alert you when you look away while they point at somewhere

For example they point at the overhead panel but you look down, the pilot will be like

Hey, look here!

Hahaha just kidding… YouTube really made videos revolutionary though!

Not sure if Aernout could do one :P

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